Top 10 Ideas that can help you Bunk School

School! Ha! So many memories flash up in our memories. How we used to love those days. Those were the days we enjoyed to our fullest. There were a whole lot of exams going on, still there were no worries except the one day, the result declaration day. Having fun with friends, playing pranks on classmates and teachers, who can ever forget those days? Time has changed now, our younger generation is very different from us in various aspects, but when it comes to schools it’s the same. School was fun, but sometimes, it didn’t feel like going to school without any particular reason, and sometimes it was the uncompleted assignment that kept us away from school and the teacher of course. It happens now also everybody will agree there are times, when skipping school is the last option, but what about parents? How to make them agree for a leave? And that too when you have no particular reason to give?  But then, we never have valid reasons for anything, but we somehow manage it. After all we are students. So, here is how to manage it, the top ten excuses that can help you bunk school for a day, since these are coming from passed out students, most of them are probably tried and working. So here it is. The whole plan is woven for you already, you just need to act according to the script and it’s done without much efforts.

10. Don’t feel like

dp not feel like 300x225 Top 10 Ideas that can help you Bunk School

In the morning:

You: Mommy I don’t want to go to school today.

Mom: Why?

You: Please. Please. Please.

Mom: But at least tell me why?

You: No particular reason.

Mom: Get up and get ready.

You: Please. Please. Please. … (Continue till she replies)

Mom: Okay. Okay. Okay. Just a day.

You: thanks mom. Love you. (Sleep)

*Mom is so sweet. She has always been so no doubt*

9. You miss grandma

MISS grandma 300x208 Top 10 Ideas that can help you Bunk School

Half asleep on your bed:

You: Mom

Mom: Yes.

You: Can I go to grandma’s home tomorrow?

Mom: Why?

You: I miss her. Just feeling like going to her. She said me over phone, she misses me too.

Mom: But you have school. Go on Sunday.

You: But Sunday I have an extra class at my coaching centre.

Mom: Okay. But return before it gets dark.

You: sure mom. I am going to get ready.

*Grandma always saves me. This time too. I love her indeed*

 8. Need some rest

need some rest Top 10 Ideas that can help you Bunk School

Suddenly! The evening before:

You: Mom I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.

Mom: What’s the excuse this time?

You: Mom, this is not an excuse, you know I am going school regularly for last few months, last two Sundays also we went for outings, and then on working days, its school and then tuition, when do I take rest a whole day last time?  And then…

Mom (interrupts): Okay. Okay. Okay. Take some breathe. Fine! Take rest for a day.

*Mom is the one, who always understand*

7. None of your friends going

nonoe of your friends going Top 10 Ideas that can help you Bunk School

Entering from outside:

You: Mom, I am not going to school tomorrow.

Mom: What’s the good news?

You: don’t tease mom. Nobody is going.

Mom: So you will do what everybody does? If they jump off a twenty storey building, you will also jump?

You: Mom, cool down, whom will the teacher teach if there will be no students in the class? She will just come and sit down.

Mom: Do as you want.

You: Don’t get angry. Please. (long one) Try to understand. (Innocent face)

Mom: Okay.

*She knows I would not go*

6. Didn’t sleep last night

didnt sleep last night Top 10 Ideas that can help you Bunk School

In the morning, still under bed covers:

Mom: Mary! (Your name)

Mom again: Mary!

Mom (shouting now): Mary!

Mom (your bedroom): Mary!

You (sleepy): what mom.

Mom: You are getting late for school.

You: Mom I didn’t sleep the whole night. I don’t know why.

Mom: Make sure you sleep well tonight.

You: You are the best mommy in the world.

Mom: That’s enough of buttering for today. Sleep now.

*She cares for me I know. I just hope she doesn’t know it’s an excuse. But she always know it.*

5. Need to complete a project at friend’s place

Need to complete a project at friends place Top 10 Ideas that can help you Bunk School

Packing bag In the morning:

You: Mom, I am not going to school today.

Mom: why?

You: I am going to John’s (your close friend who is also on leave) home to complete the project. Tomorrow is the last day to submit, we need to complete it today.

Mom: And why is it still pending.

You: You know mummy, so much homework. Please. It’s the last time. The teacher will punish us.

Mom: Make sure this is the last time

You: Okay mom. I will do it on time now on.

*I wonder if I can ever complete my assignments on time*

4. Have a lot to study for the exams

have to study a lot for exams Top 10 Ideas that can help you Bunk School

In the morning at study table:

Mom: What will you take for lunch break today?

You:  (opening a book) I am not going to school mom.

Mom: Why?

You: Exams are near. There is no preparatory leave, I need to study or I will fail.

Mom: Make sure you keep holding that book all day long!

You: Sure mom, don’t worry!

*And it’s done*

3. There’s nothing much going on at school

nothing going on in school Top 10 Ideas that can help you Bunk School

A day before:

You: I am not going school tomorrow.

Dad: May I know why?

You: There nothing much happening, teachers are on leave, most of the classes are cancelled.

Mom: Alright! Study at home then.

You: Sure.

*Whoa! It was never so easy*

2. it’s a holiday

its a holiday Top 10 Ideas that can help you Bunk School

The night before:

Mom: Pack your bag for school to avoid your everyday last minute rush.

You: Pack bag? For what?

Mom: Something called school?

You: Oh! Didn’t I tell you it’s a holiday?

Mom: No. And holiday for what?

You: It’s the founder’s day. (Or any other irrelevant day)

Mom: Okay.

*It was easy*

(Make sure you tell her the truth after the school hours with an innocent sorry, the neighbourhood aunt can always spill the beans later)

1.  Sick

sick2 223x300 Top 10 Ideas that can help you Bunk School

This is the most used excuse for everything. From childhood since now, this is the most popular and most working excuse. Here goes the possible conversation with your parents:

You: (holding stomach) Mom, my stomach is aching

Mom: suddenly?

You: I guess its yesterday’s dinner I am having problem with.

Mom: But you had healthy food.

You: But I was full already.

Mom: OK, have some medicine and get ready for school.

You: No mom, I need rest, I will be alright. I don’t want to be embarrassed in school for going to washroom every hour.

Mom: alright, have some water and take rest.

*Mission accomplished*

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