Top 10 Highest Chocolate Producing Countries in the World

Chocolate is the most wanted sweet in world, although there are many other forms of sweets but chocolate is almost everyone’s favorite; people belonging to all ages love to eat chocolates. When you have nothing to give to your loved ones, chocolate does the job; then a loved one is angry with you, the chocolate helps a lot in pacifying him. Chocolate is very easily available everywhere, just go to a nearby shop or store and purchase it at a very reasonable price and enjoy the delicious chocolate. Buying a chocolate is a very easy task, eating one is even more easier but preparing a chocolate is not an easy job, the chocolate which we see wrapped up has acquired this shape after going through many different phases.  All the chocolate producing companies follow the same general method, but few methods vary depending on the nature of the cocoa bean used, the nature of the cocoa bean however depends upon the cultivation and cultivation depends on the land on which it is harvested. So the moral of the story is that the taste of the erotic taste of the chocolate depends on the land on which it is cultivated.

Chocolates are mostly prepared in the factories & industries on a very large scale by stimulating the cocoa bean, first the cocoa been is harvested then it is brought into the factories where it passed through many process such as couching, roasting, purifying, mixing, fermented and after going through all these multiple processes the chocolates is finally good to go. The steps which are used for preparing a chocolate are different for various cocoa plant however there are few steps which are generalized and are used for all the cocoa plant, from a cocoa plant not only solid chocolates but other substances are also prepared cocoa powder, pastes etc.  the history of chocolate is dated back to the time of Aztecs and Mayans, they used cocoa bean in the form of chocolate in their religious and royal ceremonies, they used cocoa as an offering to their gods; but the chocolate which they used was raw and spicy rather than sweet, which means that no sugar and milk was added in it.

The modern era of the chocolate started when the Europeans became the guardians of the chocolate and give it a new shape by adding milk and sugar into it, the eating chocolate which we have today was invented in 19th when john Cadbury introduced the first chocolate bar to the world, later many other companies followed the same pattern for the preparation for chocolate and today chocolate is among the leading brands of world. After all odds and deeds, chocolate has become a source of business and making money, various countries produce chocolate and make a lot of money out of it by exporting it, so the top 10 highest chocolate producing countries in the world are:

10. Denmark:

denmark  Top 10 Highest Chocolate Producing Countries in the World

Denmark does not look like a chocolate producing country but it a big producer of chocolate. The famous chocolates such as marks, snickers, Twix, toffifee and bounty all are the products of Denmark. The most significant chocolate makers are Tom groups, Peter Beier, Su Michelson and Friis Holm.

9. United Kingdom:

united kingdom  Top 10 Highest Chocolate Producing Countries in the World

United Kingdom is not only a producer of chocolate but a producer of healthy chocolate; the first ever organic chocolate was made in England. Columbus found cocoa bean from the land of Mayan, the European did not know what to do with it, it was later that they discovered about the ways of making chocolate out of cocoa bean. The finest chocolate makers in England are Green & black’s, Arlisan du chocolat.

8. Italy:

italy  Top 10 Highest Chocolate Producing Countries in the World

Italy happens to the first place where the eating chocolates were discovered, therefore Italy today is among the biggest chocolate producing countries in world. The well known chocolate brand of Italy is Perugina, Venchi, and Sutti. The prominent chocolate making companies & shops in Italy are Cuba Vench, Domor, and pernigotti.

7. France:

france  Top 10 Highest Chocolate Producing Countries in the World

France, the culinary capital of world is also a very big producer of chocolate and holds a very vital importance when it comes to chocolate making, dark chocolate is France’s specialty. Patrick roger, La Maison de chocolato, Michael Chaudun and Christian Constar are the prominent chocolate producer of France.

6. Germany:

germany  Top 10 Highest Chocolate Producing Countries in the World

Germany plays a very prominent role in the global production of chocolates, Germany happens to be the second largest producer of chocolate in United States. Germany holds a very big chocolate industry and is very strong in the export of chocolate. Some great chocolate markers in Germany are La Maison du Chocolate, Tortchen torthchen, weibler confectionary, mama chocolate etc. one of the biggest and greatest chocolate making company Stollwerck is also based in Germany. Germany has its own 8 sources through which they attain the cocoa bean. The very famous chocolate brands of Germany are Milka, Toberone, Trumpf, Ritter sport, ferrero Roche and many more.

5. Spain:

spain  Top 10 Highest Chocolate Producing Countries in the World

We are all very well aware with the story that the Spanish were the ones who conquered the Mayans & Aztecs, after they over powered the Mayan and raided them, the Spanish also raided the origin of chocolate drinks from the Mesoamericans. Spain brought into existence the first ever chocolate factory and kept the method a secret till 1600s, after that the rest of the world found out about the secret to chocolate making. Spain is considered as the master craft man in chocolate making and are among the biggest producer of chocolate in the world. The main chocolate makers are Aston, Amatller, Simon Coll, Dulcinea and Fargar etc.

4. Mexico:

mexico  Top 10 Highest Chocolate Producing Countries in the World

After the downfall of Mayan and Aztecs, the rest of the folk attained a separate state which is today known as Mexico, these people were the ones who actually brought the idea of chocolate into existence and today after so many years they still hold the magic key to the door of chocolate making. Chocolate is produced in Mexico on both smaller and larger scale. The production which is done on smaller scale is by following the old family recipes & is a part of Mexican culture. The chocolate production which is done on the industrial scale is done by Moyordomo, Gueloguetza, La Soledad, 20 de Noviembre and Maya chocolate.

3. Switzerland:

switzerland  Top 10 Highest Chocolate Producing Countries in the World

Chocolate is among the main export of Switzerland, the Swiss chocolate is very much in demand because they use only the best quality ingredient for the manufacturing for their chocolate products. All the parts of Switzerland has their own unique way of making chocolate which is endowed with enticing & erotic flavors, Switzerland offers a very huge menu of chocolate ranging from mushroom chocolate to chestnuts. This country has been producing chocolates since the 1800s and holds a very good reputation when it comes to chocolate making. Cailler Nestle, Toblerone Lindt is very prominent chocolate making industries; Merkur, Schrober, Trufte, Zurich & sprungli are main jewels in the world of chocolate.

2. Belgian:

belgian  Top 10 Highest Chocolate Producing Countries in the World

The landscape of Belgian does not allow them to harvest cocoa bean but still Belgian is among the greatest producer of chocolates in world, they export 172,000 tons chocolate each year. This country exports the entire cocoa beam from other countries. Belgian’s way of manufacturing chocolate is different from the rest of the world because they cool down chocolate at the end of the entire process which is completely different form all the other chocolate makers. Also known as the capital of chocolate Belgian has more than 2000 chocolate shops, Belgian enjoys the central position when it comes to delicious chocolate making, while the entire world is using technology and machines for making chocolates but Belgian still produces handmade chocolates. The famous chocolate brands of Belgium are Leonides, Neuhous, and Godiva & Nirvana.

1. America:

america  Top 10 Highest Chocolate Producing Countries in the World

America is the leading chocolate producer of the world, America is on top when it comes to chocolate making, in both quality and quantity. The heart of America, New York has uncountable chocolate stores and shops; San Francisco is another city which is bestowed with plenty of chocolate stores. Hershey chocolates, the most prominent chocolate producing country is based in America, Cadbury also comes under the wings of Hershey. Mark. Inc, Dove, Nestle’ some other great chocolate industries also belong to America. The very famous kit Kat is another amazing brand of America which is famous globally. Jacques Torres, Lilac, Mariebelle, Chocolate bar, Richart Designet chocolat are some very famous chocolate shops of America.

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