Top 10 Funny Pranks you can Play on April Fools Day

A day of wit , humor and teasing …
sometimes annoying , sometimes pleasing !
The day of the fools – April 1st, is unanimously celebrated by the fool as well as the intelligent, the dumb as well as by the witty (P.S. -  This day can not be done or complete if either of them go missing !! ).
Fools, who make others laugh , and the others,  who have the laugh. Though it’s also to be considered  that both the fool  and the intelligent are interchangeable this very day, as there exists an untraceable  prank for every person ! Some people believe that they can not be deceived, but find themselves inside the trap at the end of the day. While others can go on bamboozling everyone without even being caught. This unpredictability is the treasure of fun in this day.
So, here we list some of the best pranks one can use on this be fooling day to pin it to the board of unforgettable memories!!!

10. The magic of Flavored  Tea

The magic of flavoured tea Top 10 Funny Pranks you can Play on April Fools Day

If you are the one who prepares the morning tea or coffee at home, then you can grab the chance of having the first say. To gift someone with a surprising and hilarious April 1st morning, try mixing some flavors to the tea. Though any spicy combination would do, a spoonful of salt can work no less wonders. Make sure you have a beautifully garnished breakfast plate so the person being pranked on can gets no single clue . as you serve the tea to the victim , stay back to observe his / her  expressions. Also, get ready with a handycam or a camera to capture the same on the victim’s face. You can also post his/her pictures on facebook and tag the to the other friends to have a bigger laugh . This can be etched in the mind of the victim for so long -the taste as well as the day !

9. Dual Remote
dual remote Top 10 Funny Pranks you can Play on April Fools Day

If you can buy or arrange a dual remote, you can seriously make the most out of the fools’ day by confusing everyone !
Consider when somebody wishes to watch television  and tries to connect to his / her favorite channel  , you can trouble the viewer by switching the channel to some other boring channels in between the moments of the person’s peculiarly interesting part of the episodes .
but this one comes with a caution – do not repeat it too often or you may be caught up in the middle of the show . Also , try joining the person  in his trouble so it would be incredible for him / her to believe you as the actual prankster.

8. The Summer Showers

The summer showers Top 10 Funny Pranks you can Play on April Fools Day

Paste some duct tape on a plunger of the kitchen tap /bathroom tap. The tape should be stuck in such a way that a small opening is left, ensuring that the spigot is not completely blocked  but is covered such  that when the tap is opened, a powerful jet of water spray oozes at the person using the tap. This can be real fun to watch the bewildered person, who ‘s busy  figuring out *what the hell happened ?*

Just imagine , someone who spent hours  getting ready for an important meeting , gets caught up in your prank . This could make people rolling with laughter and slapping knees . But , try not try this prank with some hardcore serious type victim , other you can end up into a big trouble !


7. Freeze the Boiled Eggs

Freeze the boiled eggs 300x207 Top 10 Funny Pranks you can Play on April Fools Day

Take the eggs form someone’s refrigerator and boil them well . After eating as much as you can , what you can do is put the remaining back into the refrigerator .
Don’t do it with all the eggs as you might end making someone skip their breakfast . But, the victim’s face would certainly be worth watching when he would try figuring out as to how his super chilled refrigerator made his eggs boil. And imagine what would happen of those eggs , if the person again puts them to boil . This can be bamboozling!!

6. The Tyre popping sound using a balloon

Tyre popping sound using a balloon Top 10 Funny Pranks you can Play on April Fools Day

Put an inflated rubber balloon at the tailpipe of the car. Make sure that when you do this the vehicle’s engine is not ‘on’. Get into the car , and ask your parents to start it up after you have made all arrangements . As soon as the car is started and the engine is turned on , the powerful exhaust would make the balloon pop up at once ! This would make the driver feel as if the tyre popped up. Be the first one to say (oh! the tyre popped), to pull others into your prank, and after they get off to see the tyre , be the one to have a bigger laugh ! Don’t miss to wish them the fool’s day.
5. Alarming alarms

alarming alarms Top 10 Funny Pranks you can Play on April Fools Day

Collect  a bunch of alarm clocks and mobile phones . Set early morning alarms( say 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m. etc) on each and every device and hide all of them at different places around the victim such that they are difficult to reach out for . also , ensure that  the alarm volumes are at their peak . When the alarms would ring up one after the other  in the middle of the night , one could imagine the extent of trouble and irritation it can cause .
Furthermore, one could set all the devices to one particular time so that every device would ring up at the same time and the victim would be on his toes at the middle of the very night . You can wish the victim a louder ‘happy fool’s day ‘ thereafter .

4. Baby powder into the hair dryer

baby powder into the hair dryer 281x300 Top 10 Funny Pranks you can Play on April Fools Day


Sneak into the bathroom  before the victim goes in and pour in some baby powder into his/her  hair dryer.

If the person who’s supposed to dry his / her hair after bath , would use this hair dryer , you will certainly find him / her few decades older (hahaha). Because , this can make all his / her hair go white at once.  Get ready with camera behind  the gate and jump into as soon as you hear the first scream (a……..aaahh) ! the victim would  have to take a fresh bath all over again . This could be really funny if the victim is a boy( with short hair) while , get ready to have some dressing down , if you play this prank on a girl (with long hair ) for she would have a bigger mess to clean .

3. Swap the contacts of the phonebook

swap the contacts of the phonebook 298x300 Top 10 Funny Pranks you can Play on April Fools Day

If any of your friend is a chat-addict , then this prank  can help you make out some of the fun from his regular chats

(This can be mean, but surely unforgettably funny !! )

All you need to do is to try to reach out for your friend’s  phone when he/she is in the washroom or elsewhere. Keeping the contact names same , swap the contact numbers in the phonebook of his/ her cellphone .Before you proceed , you can create a backup of the contacts .This can be real messy but its enough to be-fool anyone !
Trump – Save your number by the name of your friend’s girlfriend / boyfriend can add a bit more spice !                                              P.s. – Do repair their devastated phonebook by the end of the day .

2. Coating the soap bar with a nail-paint

Coating the soap bar with a nail paint Top 10 Funny Pranks you can Play on April Fools Day

If you are living in a hostel , and if you have a roommate who boldly uses all your things as his own which pisses you off often ,then  here is a way to stop him/her .
Wake up early, and rush into getting the first chance to bathe. After you’re done , paint the soap bar with a transparent old nail paint . Take out some time for it to dry before your roommate gets into the bathroom. To add more fun , deprive the bathroom of all other cleansing stuffs.

1. Cover the toilet seat with clear plastic wrap

cover the toilet seat with a plastic wrap Top 10 Funny Pranks you can Play on April Fools Day

Take a very clear plastic wrap and cover the toilet seat in a way that one could not make out the fact .
The plastic to be used should be draped tightly around the seat so that there’s no visible slack .This would catch the victim very easily esp.  at the night time when people are half-asleep !
Whenever anyone would go to use the bathroom (whether to pee or to freshen up )
, you can imagine what will follow .it would take a lot of time for the victim to come to senses and to realize what actually happened. Do stay close to the door to listen the screaming !
Too funny!!
Also, get ready to clean the aftermath . Eeewww !!!

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