Top 10 Fastest Animals & Birds in World

God created many amazing things, animals being one of his creations are very spell bounding, animals are the sculpture which reflects the greatness of God. He did not create one animal but so many and each animal is an example of his enormity, every single animal possess some unique quality with in itself, for instance some animals have the ability to run very fast, their pace is so fast that a human would never be able to compete with it. There are few animals whose speed is multiple times of what a human has, this is something which reflects the amplitude and prodigiousness of our creator. There are some animals which run so fast that they actually become able of walking or running on water, such animals are called as balilisles.

The thing is why few animals are capable of running so fast while the others are not, this difference dwells on the basis of the frequency at which the heart beats, and heartbeat is the thing which controls the speed. The animals which can run very fast have a very high rate of heart beat and this high rate corresponds with the rate of oxygen intake. In a nut shell if a human or any other living being starts inhaling oxygen at the same rate as those animal they may become able to maintain the same fast pace. The respiratory rate is not the only thing but the manufacture of body also plays a vital role. This was however only one story and there are plenty of similar cases, such as there are few animals who can have this amazing hearing capabilities, they can hear the voice of such low frequency that we humans would never become able to feel the waves. Some animals also have very sharp eye sight and some can go on for days and days without food and water.

All the breathing taking creations are here in this world, but why? The answer is very simple, so we may comprehend the existence and greatness of God. There are many things God blessed us with but there are many things which did not bless us with, to show us that we are still inferior, although God put us (human) above all his creations but there are few criteria in which we lag, such as there is only a certain limit at which we can run where as God created some animals which can run at amazing pace, the top 10 fastest animals in world are:

10. Tiger beetles:

tiger beetle Top 10 Fastest Animals & Birds in World

Tiger beetles are very in size having frugal legs and billowing eyes, but they have a velocity of 13 km/h which is too much if we consider the size of this creature. Considering the size of tiger beetles it has been found that its speed is 22 times as that of a former Olympian, however if the tiger beetles have a size of a human it can have a velocity of 494 km/h.

9. Earth worm:

Earth worm Top 10 Fastest Animals & Birds in World

This may look a very immature thing to consider that a worm can actually be among the fastest animals of world but they are. An earth worm is the fastest legless invertebrate in world which can go at a speed of 16 m/h through solid ground, earth worm are tiny in size but they pace which they have is very high according to their size.

8. Pronghorn Antelope:

pronghorn antelope Top 10 Fastest Animals & Birds in World

Pronghorn are the fastest animal in the northern part of world and are the only surviving member of the Antilcapridae family, their size is as equal to that of a man, their most prominent feature are the horns on the top of their head, they are capable of running at a speed of 60 mph ( miles per hour).

7. Hare:

hare Top 10 Fastest Animals & Birds in World

Hare, specially the brown hare of Europe can run at a speed of 72 km/h. they are very shy therefore it’s very hard to find them, most of the time they camouflage when they see someone coming, they show no movement at all, but then they realized that the enemy has finally approached and it has no choice left it runs at a velocity starting from35 km/h. they are similar to rabbits but hares are large in size they live most of their life above the ground.

6. Quarter horse:

quarter horse Top 10 Fastest Animals & Birds in World

Quarter horse mainly belong to America where they are used a race horse mostly, this horse can run at a speed if 88.5 km/h. a quarter horse has a strong built which muscled body and broad chest and is a very handsome & fine horse, it is often used in shows.


5. Ostrich:

ostrich Top 10 Fastest Animals & Birds in World

Ostrich is the world’s fastest animal on two legs, an ostrich can run at speed of 97.5 km/h. the ostrich have very long legs and neck which plays a big part in its fast pace. They are the only living member of the genus struthio.

4. Sailfish:

sailfish Top 10 Fastest Animals & Birds in World

Sailfish is the fastest living creator in water and can go up to a maximum of 110 km/h. sailfishes live in the warmer portion of the sea, they grow 1.2 – 1.5 meters which in a year but they never exceed 3 meters. They belong to the genus Istiophorus and their color ranges from blue to grey. Their appetite is mainly based on smaller fishes and squad.

3. Cheetah:

cheetah Top 10 Fastest Animals & Birds in World

Cheetah is the fastest animal of land; it can run at a velocity of 112-120 km/h covering a distance of 500 meters. Cheetahs are found few parts of Middle East but they exist mainly in different parts of Africa.  The secret for such fast speed of cheetah is large nostrils, hearts and lungs which make the heart beat rate of cheetah very large. Although cheetah is the fastest animal of land but it has a drawback which is that it cannot keep up with speed for more than 10 minutes.

2. Spine-tailed swift:

Spine tailed swift Top 10 Fastest Animals & Birds in World

Spine-tailed swift is a bird which can go take a flight at a rate of 171 km/h, when it comes to powered flight it is the fastest bird, it spends most of its life in air and can remain in flight for more than a week. This bird is mostly black except throat and under parts which are white in color.

1. Peregrine Falcon:

Peregrine Falcon Top 10 Fastest Animals & Birds in World

Peregrine falcon is not only the fastest bird but also the fastest animal, a peregrine falcon can maximum fly at a speed of 322 km/h which is the fastest in the world. This bird belongs to the falconidae family; it is mostly black with the exception under parts which are white and the head which is black. They are found in all the parts of the world except the high altitude areas, for this reason they do not exist in New Zealand.


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