Top 10 Famous People Born in June

We all think that our birthday is the most special day in the whole year but this special day is not a general degree because every has different date of births, everyone is born on different days. So everyone has a different special day in life. but sometimes someone else’s special day becomes our special day because of the degree of attraction two people hold or because the relationship which binds the two people is very unique therefore their happiness becomes our happiness, when they smile, their smile becomes a source of happiness for us.

Like everything else happiness is a state of mind, just practice 5 minutes smiling everyday and then after that it will come naturally. The only best way to have happiness is to achieve it and it is the easiest thing to achieve. We humans have a very wrong perspective about happiness because we try to finds it on the wrong place, we try to climb the highest tower in the town and think that by reaching the top we will attain the ultimate happiness in life but we fail to understand that the happiness we are searching is not in reaching the top but is in standing on the ground & appreciating the height of that tower.

Birthday is a very special event of one’s life and it does not matter how old you are, your birthday is always special day weather you are old or you are young. But celebrating the birthday alone has no charm in it, the bigger party you have, the more people are there to celebrate, more fun it becomes.  For a layman his birthday revolves around his family & friends but the people who very famous or are a celebrity, the whole nations celebrates their birthday. They have so many fans out there and so many people who actually love them and wait the entire year for their birthdays. June is the month of color and vacations therefore celebrating the birthday in this month are something out of this world, there are a lot of famous people who were born in this month so the top 10 famous people who were born in June are:

10. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen:

mary kate and ashley olsen Top 10 Famous People Born in June

The famous Hollywood twins were born on the 13th of June 1986, and started their acting career at the age of sixth month only. After that they appeared in many television serials and were also the main characters of the Mary-Kate and Ashley series. They were born in California and are fraternal twins since they do not resemble each other. Today they are famous actors, fashions designers and business women, they run their own company due to which they were wealthiest women in the Hollywood industry who have achieved such vast fame at a very young age.

9. Nicole Kidman:

Nicole Kidman Top 10 Famous People Born in June

Nicole Kidman was born on 20th June 1967 to Australian parents in Hawaii. She is film producer, singer and actor who were once the highest paid actress, she has appeared in uncountable movies and is a thrilling actress. Nicole is the ex wife of the king of Hollywood Tom Cruise.

8. Helen Keller:

helen keller Top 10 Famous People Born in June

Helen Keller was born on the 27th of June 1880 in Alabama. She was born as a normal healthy child but when she got sick she lost ability to see and hear. She never lost Hope and with the help of her teacher Anne Sullivan she became the first deaf-blind to receive a bachelor degree in Arts. She was an American Politician, Author and Social worker who devoted her life in the humanitarian causes. She was the member of many major parties. She died in the month of June 1968. She was included in Alabama women hall of fame.

7. Blaise Pascal:

blaise pascal Top 10 Famous People Born in June

Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician who was born n 19th of June 1623, being educated at home by his father he was a child prodigy who presented such great ideas which was not possible to be conducted by such a young lad. His father was a tax collector therefore he at the 19 invented the first mechanical calculator called pascaline in order to help his father. He was not only a mathematician but also a writer & an amazing philosopher. After the death of his father, he took his leave from the scientific world and devoted his rest of the life towards philosophy and theology but unfortunately due to his poor health he could not live long and expired at the age of 39.

6. Rafael Nadal:

rafael Nadal Top 10 Famous People Born in June

Rafael nadal is a Spanish tennis player who has remained the best tennis player in world but is currently the 4th best player in world ranking. He was born on 3rd June 1986 and is the among the greatest tennis player of all time. He is among the only three players to win the Grand slam tournament 7 times; he holds so many records that it is not easy to count them. He is not a great tennis player but also a thrilling footballer.

5. Johnny Depp:

Johnny Depp Top 10 Famous People Born in June

Born on the 9th of June 1963, Johnny Depp is the most sensational actor of Hollywood who also happens to be a Film producer and Musician. He started his career through television and later changed his dimension to Films although he has worked in many movies but his most amazing movie is the Pirate of Caribbean. He was the highest paid actor in the year 2012 and has been selected as the sexiest man alive on earth by people’s magazines.

4. James Clark Maxwell:

james clark maxwell Top 10 Famous People Born in June

When we speak of mathematics and physics, the two greatest men to click in mind are Newton and Einstein, but who comes after them? James Clark Maxwell is the third greatest man in the field on physics and mathematics. It is because of his work on electricity, magnetic and optics that we today have become able to enjoy such huge comforts. He was Scottish physicist, born in 13 June 1831 he is the mentor the electromagnetic fields, for some time his man has remained the biggest influence in physics.

3. Lionel messi:

lionel messi Top 10 Famous People Born in June

When we hear the word “greatest”, we assume that the person for whom this title is being used is a very remarkable man but here this world is used for an argentine football player who is only 25 years old, who is said to be greatest footballer of all time and the current best player. He is none other than the MESSI. He does not only play for the argentine national team but also serves as the captain of the team; he also plays for the FC Barcelona. He is among those very few people who achieve so much success and fame at such an early age. Messi is the youngest argentine player to play at FIFA and was titles as the FIFA best player of world for the year 2009.

2. Angelina Jolie:

angelina jolie Top 10 Famous People Born in June

Angelina Jolie is the highest paid actress in Hollywood. She is a Film director and actress but is well known as social worker too. She got fame after she appeared in Lara Croft, the tomb rider and later the movie, the cradle of Life. She has received many awards for her marvelous performance in the film industry. She along with Brad Pitt is now raising her six children as well as ruling Hollywood as an amazing actress.

1. Prince William:

prince william Top 10 Famous People Born in June

The Duke of Cambridge, also known as Prince William was born on the 21st of June 1982 to Prince Charles and Princess Diana, he is the eldest of the couple who is now second in line to succession standing behind his father. He serves in the royal air force and is married Katherine Middleton.

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