Top 10 Facts about Lance Armstrong you dont know

Ideal system means that work done given by the system is 100%; all the input has been converted into the work done, which means that there was no resistance present in the system, no friction existed, no heat loses were present. Idealism doesn’t exist in this world yet we consider ideal system. Question arises why do we study ideal system if it has no reality in it? Why study something which has no existence? We study idealism so that we can find out the efficiency of our work. If you say that you got 99 marks, it’s useless un till or unless you say that you got 99 marks out of 100. The 99 marks are a stigma of excellence if you achieves 99 out of 100 but the same 99 marks are nothing but bullshit if you achieve 99 marks out of 1000.

We always need inspiration in life; we always need someone or something to look upon. We always need goals and tasks in life, we need a mentor, and we need enthusiasm in our life, because without influence our lives are just an empty sheet of paper. You want to be a writer, great but when was the first time when you realizes you wanted to be a writer; you want to be an actor, amazing but when did you decided that you want to be an actor; you want to become a soldier, that even more better but when did that happen; you want to start you own business, brilliant but who told you that going for employment is not a stable thing; you want to be a doctor but why? There are so many questioned and the list goes on and on, the answer? Well there is only one answer for it, there Is this one moment in life when you get so much impressed by a profession or by the person who has that profession that you yourself want to acquire that profession.

This is the story of the former American cyclist, Lance Armstrong; when he won the Tour de France for seven consecutive times, he became a source of inspiration for many people, watching him so many youngsters decided they too want to get into the same line of profession. He is not just a symbol of success but of life as well, he survived cancer. He was a living legend; he was a symbol of hope. He had his name written in the golden book of history till the day he confessed that he had used certain drugs and illegal ways to win the title of Tour de France and then USADA decided to strip him off all the titles he has. He became a symbol of deception, treachery and dishonesty. All this happened when this world came to the fact that was hidden for so long, there are many other things you do not know about Lance Armstrong, the top ten things which you do not know about him are:


he owns a coffee shop1 Top 10 Facts about Lance Armstrong you dont know

In Auston, Texas, he owns a coffee shop named “Juan Pelota Cafe“; many people visit his coffee shop at Texas with the hope that they may get a glimpse of Lance Armstrong there. But if we set aside the fact that Armstrong owns the coffee shop and consider the quality of this café, well it is said that Juan Pelota Café provides one of the best coffee and sandwiches in town.



HE IS A TERRIBLE EMPLOYER Top 10 Facts about Lance Armstrong you dont know

His staff complains that he is not a good a good boss, they even say that they loath the day of their life in which they took a job which was under Armstrong’s care. He is said to be a bully, very much distant, his temper is not at all good and he is definitely not an easy guy to deal with.



HE BECAME A FATHER ALTHOUGH IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE Top 10 Facts about Lance Armstrong you dont know

When he suffered from cancer, then after his treatment which included surgery and chemotherapy, it was assumed that he could not become a father but he did. His girl friend Anna Hansen conceived his child one year after the started dating; his girl friend gave birth to a boy who was in the perfect condition.



HE SUED UNCOUNTABLE PEOPLE Top 10 Facts about Lance Armstrong you dont know

Lance Armstrong is an arrogant, defiant, aloof, autocratic, imperious and conceited person, there were lot of people who knew about his doping, his friends or other acquaintances but he sued everyone who tries to blackmail him. Armstrong himself admits that he has sued so many people that he no longer remembers the number, if any tried to get cross with Lance, he/she had to pay a very high price for it.


HE THINKS CHEATING IS NOT A CRIME Top 10 Facts about Lance Armstrong you dont know

Lance is in a way confused, he admits that that he did was wrong and he deserves to be punished but these are just the words. He does not thing that cheating is crime, he even checked the literal meaning of cheating in the dictionary to satisfy his soul but at the end of the day what he did was wrong, he admits it or not.



he has 5 children Top 10 Facts about Lance Armstrong you dont know

He married Kristin Richard in the year 1998; his first and only marriage produced 3 children, one boy Luke David and twin girls names Grace Elisabeth and Isabelle Rose. The couple then parted. After few years he started dating Anna Hansen and soon his girlfriend became pregnant with his fourth child, followed by his fifth child who was born in 2010.



he defeated death Top 10 Facts about Lance Armstrong you dont know

At the age of 25 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer which had by then spread into his lungs and brain. The doctor made it clearly that the chances of his survival were of 50% and his condition was very serious, he was coughing blood the first time he went to visit the doctor. The doctor did the surgery immediately but made it clear that even after the surgery the chances of survival were 40%, but he did survive after the chemotherapy. In 1996 he was declared as cancer free, after his treatment he made a charity foundation for cancer patients


HE CALLS HIMSELF ARROGANT Top 10 Facts about Lance Armstrong you dont know

It’s another thing to call someone arrogant but it is a complete different thing to admit that you are arrogant. Lance Armstrong accepts the brutal but true fact that he is cruel; he called himself defiant and distant. He is a very warm blooded person and he has no problem with it.



ARMSTRONG’S TEAM KNEW ABOUT HIS DOPING Top 10 Facts about Lance Armstrong you dont know

Lance Armstrong’s team doctor Michele Ferrari plays a very vital role in Armstrong’s doping fairy tale, Armstrong has clearly said that Ferrari knew about his doping, not only him but several other doctors of the team also knew about it. The management also had some doubts regarding his doping but all this tests came clean.



WHY DID HE DOOP Top 10 Facts about Lance Armstrong you dont know

During his interview at Oprah, when asked why he did such a disgraceful thing, he replied that he was very obsessed with winning, he wanted to win the tournament at any cost and he knew that he won’t be able to win the tournament without the help of medications and drugs. He became very bewitched and driven with winning that he confused the right with the wrong, he did all he could to win the title, which he did at the cost of losing his soul.

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