Top 10 Dark Secrets about Islam

There are many people who do not believe in the religion Islam and they often say that the Muslims are fools for they believe in something they have never seen, never touched, never interacted with. They say that how can a person believe in something which he has never witnessed. The Muslims however ignore such comments because they know that the people who speak such nasty things have never encountered the depth of this religion. Islam is not merely a religion but a complete code of life which provides light to the lost, which turns the living creatures into human, which provides a complete insight about every aspect of life. If you are sad then Islam is the happiness you need, if you are confused then Islam is the conformity you need, if you are frustrated then only Islam can provide you the calmness, if you are alone then Islam is your only true companion.

As for the people who say that how can a person believe in something he/she has never seen, well this is the reason that they are non-Muslims for they do not have the quality which is required to be a Muslim, the existence of God in Islam is very vast, God is beyond our imagination, his living is so great that we cannot conclude it to certain extent, if we provide Allah with any materialistic shape then it would mean that we are limiting Allah to a particular thing, which is not possible. To understand the basis of religion, to comprehend the existence of Allah, you need to have a lot of understand and patience. The example of the non-believers of Allah can be taken as someone who does not have any insight about the trigonometric relations; he/she would never be able to solve any problem in trigonometry.

Just like the creator of this religion, the foundation & rules of this religion are very deep; there are many things in this religion which we do not know about. It is because of our lack of knowledge we take the Islam as a light religion, if we ever come to know about the logic behind the rules of this religion we would do nothing else but bow down our head in front of the greatest creator. When it comes to rules there are many rules we do not know about, and the rules which we know about are ones which we only follow, we have no notion about the statistics and logic hidden in those rules, most of the times we just perform an act but we do not meanings of our own acts, Islam is a religion which has a lot of hidden secrets, so the top 10 secrets which we do not know about Islam are:

10. Reciting the Holy Quran maintains the blood pressure:

Reciting the Holy Quran maintains the blood pressure Top 10 Dark Secrets about Islam

There are many people who have some really serious health issues, and if they acquire any blood pressure issue, their disease gets even more vital, the fluctuation of blood pressure can actually manipulate there other disease, therefore it becomes necessary for these people to keep their blood pressure under control all the time, they do many precautions and take certain medications for that. Islam has a very easy and convenient way of keeping the blood pressure under control, which is the recitation of holy Quran. According to many scientific researches it has been found that by reciting the verses of holy Quran with devotion & concentration the blood pressure becomes normal.

9. Number 7:

number 7 Top 10 Dark Secrets about Islam

Seven is the number which holds a very vital importance in Islam, Allah created 7 skies, the holy Quran is divided into 7 levels, there are 7 stages of men in life, you have to complete 7 turns around the Kab’ba during hajj, which is the holy pilgrimage, if you eat 7 dates in morning you will remain protected throughout the day, even from poison. 7 is a very powerful number in Islam.

8. Fasts in the month of Ramzan:

fast in month of ramzan Top 10 Dark Secrets about Islam

In the holy month of ramzan, all the Muslims have been ordered to fast continuously for 30 days, the duration of fast is from the rise of to sun to the fall of the sun which from the fajr to magrib. During this time you are forbidden to eat or drink anything, also you are supposed to avoid all kind of unmoral acts during the time of fast. The logic behind this fast is that when you remain hungry and thirsty for the entire day, you get a notion about those people who have nothing to eat or drink. Furthermore in this month you have to give charity to poor and this is a must, whatever amount of wealth you have, you have been ordered by Allah to give 2.5% of that in charity. Basically the idea behind this month is to open to hearts of the Muslims towards their brother, increase their patience & level of taqwa (piousness)

7. Healing power of quran:

healing power of quran Top 10 Dark Secrets about Islam

Just as the religion is very strong, its holy book too is very strong. Quran is divided into 30 chapters which have lessons and teachings regarding everything. Apart from the knowledge and inspiration there are certain other ways in which the Quran can benefit us, for example the holy verses, collectively or individually have healing power, we have been given full knowledge about the healing power of each verses. Every disease or problem has a verse or surah which would help in healing & overcoming the problem or disease, just by reciting those verses you can get rid of the disease, provided that you should do it with belief and concentration.

6. Scientific teachings:

scientific teachings1 Top 10 Dark Secrets about Islam

The teachings of Islam are not limited to our daily lives problem but it provides a detailed account about all the hidden secrets of world. Humans spent centuries discovering the secrets which were already provided in the holy Quran, Quran has ideas related to all the scientific theories and Quran is the key to all the mysteries, cryptic, camouflaged articles of this world.

5. Solution to general life problems:

solution to general life problem Top 10 Dark Secrets about Islam

The holy Quran and the teachings of the prophets are not only related to the general problems of life but also provide thesis related to the social, economical and family issues. This religion has knowledge related issues of property, wealth and distribution of one’s assets after the death, the rights of children, brothers, family etc.

4. Jinn:

jinn Top 10 Dark Secrets about Islam

Spirits or the genies often referred to as jinn have existed here in this world long before men were sent to the earth. The holy Quran also has chapters related to these celestial beings. The jinn were the ones who ruled the world before humans were sent here, after the arrival of humans the jinn were ordered not to come near the humans, Allah has blind the humans in such a way that they cannot see the jinn because if they were able to see them, they would most probably go mad. The jinn however also are the creations of Allah and they also follow the religions, they like the humans also pray to God, when Muhammad (PBUH) was preaching Islam, these jinn asked the prophet to allow them to attend his sessions for they too are thirsty of knowledge.

3. Meaning of life:

meaning of life1 Top 10 Dark Secrets about Islam

People spent years after years in search of the meaning of their lives, they waste so much time in discovering the secret behind their existence, they keep visiting different places; different professions but they never attain the ultimate peace or happiness. The only true meaning of life can be found out by following the true and spiritual path, which is following the path of Allah.

2. Religion without myth:

religion without myth Top 10 Dark Secrets about Islam

Most of the religions which we have today are base on myth, they have no living proof, and even the other holy books which we have are corrupted. Islam however is the religion whose proof is found in other religions as well. The arrival of the Muhammad (PBUH) has been discussed in many other religions and holy books for centuries before he was born, the religions who opposed Islam later also has predicted the qualities of the holy prophet (PBUH). This religion has stories of all the other past prophets and messenger, Islam has connection to all the other religions which signifies the fact that Islam is a true religion and is not based on assumptions & myths.

1. Easiest religion:

easiest religio Top 10 Dark Secrets about Islam

The biggest secret of Islam is that it is the easiest religion to follow, it looks rough & tough but in reality its path is very simple & pleasant. When you go deep into the religions and discover its horizons only then you will be able to realize the peace & composure which can be found only in this religion.

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