Top 10 Best Countries to Stay after you Retire

Everyone is familiar with Shakespeare’s work and his poetry, he wrote a poem titled as, “the seven ages of men”. In this poem he has defined the seven phases of life from which every man passes, when all the seven phases are combined together they form the journey of life.

The first phase of life is of infancy when the new born child is constantly weeping and vomiting in his nurse’s arms, he is absolutely feeble. The second stage is when the baby grows up into a small child and reaches his school going age, at that phase of life he goes to the school with dragging feet. The third phase however is the one in which that child transforms into young lad, this is the age in which the person goes through the romantic phase, he keeps on chanting romantic poetry and is always lost in the thought of his sweetheart, during this phase the spark of love if agitated can trigger the flame which takes the lover to the hell. This is just a matter of time, because as he grows wise he turns into a young man whose role is of a soldier, he possesses the virtue of gallantry, he is always ready to accept all the challenges, he does things in order to attain the momentary applaud. After that he enters into the fifth stage of life which is of a sophisticated man, at this stage he acquires he role of a judge who is both severe and just, he grows fond of stupendous dishes and has all the maxims and quotations on his finger tips.

After this he enters into a new juncture of life, this is the division of life in which he becomes an old man, his pace gets slow, he wears glasses, he has problem in understanding things, and this is the phase when the person becomes old. He then enters the final division of his life, this is the node when he stands on the threshold of his life, he stands on the highest mountain and can fall at any instant, he grows feeble and becomes dependant on others, this is the phase in which he thinks about his entire journey, he has regrets, apologies and anguish in his life but he cannot do anything about it, there is only one thing he can do, wait for his death. This stage of life is very hard, and it becomes harder when the circumstances around you are not good, when you retire from a profession then you must choose a very trouble free and calm place to life, so the top ten best countries to retire are:


nicaragua Top 10 Best Countries to Stay after you Retire

In Nicaragua, the houses are very cheap, the food is easy to get, the prices are very sophisticated, and the hospitals are incredible. People who migrated to Nicaragua don’t remember what their home town looked like, they love this place. The allure of this place can make you forget all the annoyance and anguish of life.



thailand Top 10 Best Countries to Stay after you Retire

Thailand is cheap beyond limits and has a rich cultural inheritance; people from all over the world have established homes here. If you move to Thailand after your retirement then you have nothing to worry about, you can have a beautiful home at a sophisticated price, you can dine out every second day without ever having to worry about the expenses. You will have absolutely no problem in mingling with people; the place is an absolute heaven.


barbados2 Top 10 Best Countries to Stay after you Retire


Barbados is a small country which comes in the territory of Lesser Antilles, it is basically an island country, people who have spent their entire lives working and now they need a quite place to retire, for them Barbados is the perfect place. It has a sea along its boundaries, the taxes are really low, the weather is very mild and environment is very friendly. Health care is must for the people who have now reached their old ages; Barbados provides health care which comes nearly free of cost.


spain Top 10 Best Countries to Stay after you Retire


When you reach the age of retirement, the only thing you have is the earning of your life time, you have to live on that, you cannot technically earn anymore so you try to safeguard whatever property you have, for this reason Spain is one of the best countries to retire because it has the lowest crime rate. Spain is a very enticing place; even if your health is fluctuating Spain has the key to your good health. The people are really nice and friendly and you can easily amalgamate with the people.


malta Top 10 Best Countries to Stay after you Retire


 Europe is said to be most peaceful continent in world, Malta is a country which is situated in the continent of Europe, and this country is along the Mediterrean Sea. This country does not have much population therefore this place guaranties a life which is bestowed with tranquil, peace, pacifism, concord and harmony. English is the second language so you can easily communicate with the people, the temperature is absolutely perfect. In Malta you will find no crime and no expenses, the place is an absolute heaven.


ecuador Top 10 Best Countries to Stay after you Retire


Ecuador is located in South America and is a gorgeous place to live; the environment is very amicable and civil. The best thing about this place is that it is made for the old citizens; this country respects the old people a lot. Ecuador has an assortment of many life styles and you can easily blend with the environment. Real estate is very cheap and you can get a house on rent with sophisticated prices. This place has small villages as well as big cities; you can choose the place where you want to live.



panama Top 10 Best Countries to Stay after you Retire

Panama is an easy to go place, life in panama is very smooth and flawless. This place has many international communities settles down and is recognized internationally. Where ever you go you will get the discount everywhere, you can get a house of your own choice, you can afford to keep a house keeper as well, and the place is an incarnation to natural beauty. Once you settled down in panama, you feel more relaxed with each passing day, the health will become better and you will forget all the worries of your life.


mexico1 Top 10 Best Countries to Stay after you Retire

Mexico is very affluent when it comes to culture; the environment is very colorful and has every frequency in it. Although it is among the largest cities of world yet it is very cheap and inexpensive. Health expenses are one fourth as compared to US and half as compared to Canada. English is spoken in most the parts of Mexico, Mexico is among the best place to retire and have a good life.



malaysia1 Top 10 Best Countries to Stay after you Retire

Malaysia is said to be best place to retire in the continent of Asia, if you move to Malaysia then you expenses will be cut down by 2 portions as compared to US, the place is so cheap that you can easily hire a maid. The language spoken here is English which is another plus point. The place offers a lot of entertainment packages; the weather is tropical and guaranties a good health. You can have a life in here which would be more than perfect.


costa rica Top 10 Best Countries to Stay after you Retire

Costa rica is famous due to its excellent health facilities; the country has real amazing doctors. The cost of living is very low and has well settled expat communities. The people who are living there have only one complain that why didn’t they move here earlier, they never want to go back. The atmosphere has some magic in it because it automatically controls the blood pressure and other things, within weeks you health gets as good as new.

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