Top 10 Bad Things About Indian Society

Indian society is said to have improved. Compared to its own self, a century or so ago, it indeed can be said that Indian society has developed for the better. Earlier, the caste system, Sati pratha, the untouchability etc ruled the people and it had acted as a poison to the development that might have taken place at the time. Great leaders like Gandhi and Raja Ram Mohan Roy, who asked the general public to ban the untouchability and Sati pratha respectively, were the source of the eradication of the evil – from its core. Gandhiji renamed the Untouchables to Harijans, or the people of the Almighty, and gave them a chance to raise their status, and to be respected. On the other hand, Raja Ram Mohan Roy campaigned against Sati pratha. Sati, or a practice of making the wife burn in the pyre of her husband, was one of the root evils existing in the society at that time. Raja Ram Mohan Roy worked very hard to abolish it and was successful in making people understand the reason behind his drive to ban it.

Although many great leaders have worked in the Indian society to eradicate the social evils prevailing in it, there still exist many other bad things about the same, such as, child marriage, corruption, poverty etc. Some of them are elaborated in the following part -

10. Injustice

injustice 300x240 Top 10 Bad Things About Indian Society

Absence of justice, or injustice, is generally used in reference to abuse or neglect by some legal system. Although the situation is improving, the lack of justice can still be faced in the society. Somehow, people tend to fail to trust the legal system for the same.


9. Child Labour

poverty6 Top 10 Bad Things About Indian Society

Child labour is defined as the practice of making children work – full time or half time. This practice snatches the childhood of a child and halts his development. It is one of the major issues in the society and the reason behind is majorly poverty.

The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act of 1986, prohibits the working of children below the age of 14.


8. Dowry

dowry1 Top 10 Bad Things About Indian Society

Dowry is an act of giving money or similar substitutes – cars, jewellery, furniture, house etc – to the daughter as a gift to the bearing husband and his family. Aside from being a particular financial strain for the bride’s family, it also sometimes predicts the behaviour of her in-laws in near future. It is also one of the major reasons for favouring boys over girls during childbirth. Still prevailing and a big part of the society, dowry system is sometimes the cause of subsequent death of the wife as she is beaten to death for failing to provide the family some financial benefits.

Dowry is now prohibited in the Indian law under The 1961, Dowry Prohibition Act in Civil Law and punishable under the section 304B and 498A of the Indian Penal Code.

Of all the prevailing social evils, dowry is considered by far the least of the sin. But as a woman, it comes right beside the greed of seven deadly sin proclaimed in the Bible. Somehow, it needs to be eradicated or the status of the woman in the society won’t be more than the pet in the family who can be treated as wished.


7. Addiction

addiction Top 10 Bad Things About Indian Society

Addiction is the continuous intake or usage of mood changing substances and some of the addicting materials are drugs and alcohol. It impairs the ability of the person to think rationally and impaired control. It has certain neurological impact on the body, due to which its withdrawal is claimed to be very hard to practice. When not in control, addicts sometimes ends up doing things they normally won’t do. Indian society has many of them, and it is necessary to eliminate it so that the society can function in a better way.

According to NDPS (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, the possession and usage of drugs is punishable by law.



corruption 300x163 Top 10 Bad Things About Indian Society

Activities like bribery and fraud, in which one person is dishonest and cheats the other, can be classified under the common term of corruption. Generally used in a broader sense, i.e., with respect to government, corruption is the deeply inflicting evil of the society. For instance, abuse of political or position power results in the bribery and both of the members in the exchange are responsible for the operation. Being deceptive and convincing the owner to give up his property to the unauthorized party is fraud and is generalized under cheating.

According to Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, the practice of the same is punishable by law.


5. Illiteracy

illiteracy Top 10 Bad Things About Indian Society


Literacy is defined as the ability or skill to write and read, and think about it. Illiteracy is the lack of such ability. The literacy rate is 74.04% for adults and 82% for youth (2001 statistics) in India. The reason for this low literacy rate is that parents – especially in rural areas – fail to understand the importance of it, and often because they deny paying money for their girl child. It is one of the major setbacks in the society, and it halts the growth of India.

Right to Education Act (RTE), 2009, under Article 21a of the Indian Constitution, declares education as the Fundamental Right of its people.


4. Sexual discrimination

prejudice1 Top 10 Bad Things About Indian Society

Sexism, or discrimination practiced on the basis of the gender, is a very common way in the Indian society. Somehow, the male is always right and he is above everyone else. Somehow, logic precedes his survival.

The belief that one’s own self is dominant or otherwise, submissive, is the theory behind the gender bias. Extreme cases of this prejudice may sometimes result in sexual violence and harassment. The gender stereotype can lower the performance by a notch and also, can halt the development of the woman. No one is supposed to behave in a certain predefined ways, and hence, the stereotypical beliefs that woman are supposed to stay home and take care of the family can suppress her development on a totally different scale.

Under the Sex Discrimination Act of 1984, the act of prejudice – whether social, economical or political – is punishable by law.


3. Foeticide and Infanticide (Sex-selective Abortion)

sex selective abortion Top 10 Bad Things About Indian Society

The act of killing the girl child, during or after her birth, is a major issue in the Indian society. A girl is known as a trouble and as a result, the parents choose a boy child over a girl child. If, by circumstances, a girl is conceived, she is either killed after the ultrasound – as an embryo (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) – or killed when she is born by certain practices. The mother of the girl child is also subjected to various amount of pains, for, how dare she give birth to a girl.

Infanticide has become a common practice since the girl child is often labelled as a burden, especially since the cost of her marriage is exponentially high. The discovery of amniocentesis led to medical termination of pregnancy of female child. And even if somehow, due to its illegal point of view, the foetus is saved, then the newborn baby girl is killed by drowning her in hot sizzling milk.

Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, prohibits the act of and states it punishable by Law.


2. Terrorism

terrorism Top 10 Bad Things About Indian Society


Terrorism can be defined as the organized way of using terror, which may or may not be violent in nature. It is generally a form of revenge or a jealous showcase, which ends up harming the innocent people.

Terrorism is a major setback of the Indian society. Every year, generally at some mass public place, a bomb blast is being taking place. The need to eradicate it very high, for safety is the first prerogative of any citizen.

Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act, 1985-1995, states it punishable by law.


1. Sexual Harassment

sexual harassment Top 10 Bad Things About Indian Society

It is very common to hear news in which someone has raped the other or has in some way harassed. It is an act of persecution of a sexual nature, or otherwise, the promise of unwanted sexual favour. It is any verbal or physical assault to a person, which somehow is related to copulation.

To grow as a large, the society needs to eradicate this evil, giving it the utmost importance, so that some sort of justice can let woman live with decorum and let her grow in every aspect of her life.

It infringes the fundamental and basic rights of a woman of gender equality, stated under Article 14, and her rights to live freely and with dignity and respect, stated under Article 21.

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