Top 10 Amazing things about Islam that you Dont know

This world has seen many prophets, messenger and leaders, each one of them has their own story to tell, and there was always an audience of every prophet or leader, those who believed him became his followers and those who didn’t believe him denied whatever he said. Question is that if he was so sure about the things he was preaching, if he was true then why people didn’t believe him. Answer is due to the miscomprehension, there must have been some mistake in understand his preaching, whatever he said or told at that time must have been true but with the passage of time, things change, they are given a completely new face, they are no longer pure, they get polluted. As a result the original teaching and messages are lost somewhere; this is what happened with ISLAM.

When this world was once again lost in the dark shadows of confusion and evil, they were lost and were so lost that they no longer remembered who they were; this is the time when ALLAH sent his last and final messenger MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) to remind the people the reason for this existence in this world. ISLAM is the name of the religion he preached and QURAN is the Holy book of this religion. Quran is the only holy book in this world which is as pure as it was 1400 years ago. The prophet who was sent by Allah completed his mission and then went back, he gave his people absolutely proper teachings regarding every sphere of life, he gave them the solution to every problem, and for further guidance he has left with us the teaching of Quran and his Sunnat.

    Islam gives a detailed account of the ways in which we can spend our lives, Islam has taught us proper way for everything, the holy Quran provides us with certain rules and regulation and if we follow then with our heart, we will never ever have to encounter any obstacle and problem in life. There are so many amazing things in this marvelous religion and we have no where about of them, so the top ten most amazing thing which we do not know about Islam are:



ISLAM CONSIDERS DAUGHTER A BLESSING Top 10 Amazing things about Islam that you Dont know

There is a very big misconception among people that Islam depraves and degrades Muslims. Islam gives complete right and liberty to the females. The daughters are given more love and esteem than a son, Islam regards a daughter as a blessing and those families who do not have a daughter actually lack God’s blessings. The holy prophet (P.B.U.H) himself didn’t have any son, he had 4 daughters and he loved his daughters more than anything.


WOMEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO RUFUSE THE MARRIAGE Top 10 Amazing things about Islam that you Dont know

Islam gives complete liberty to the women specially when it comes to choosing the life partner, a woman has complete freedom to marry the man he likes, and she also has the right to refuse the marriage if she doesn’t want to have that man as her husband. The families or the parents however do choose the husband but the girl has the right to deny the marriage. Usually the Muslims girls love and respect their families a lot therefore they happily accept the man the family chooses, this however doesn’t mean that the girl is forced into the marriage, this is all a miscomprehension.


ISLAM ORDERS TO ATTAIN ALL THE SCIENTIFIC TEACHING Top 10 Amazing things about Islam that you Dont know

Many people have this opinion that Islam only asks it followers to receive the teachings of holy Quran, this is absolutely untrue. The holy prophet and the holy Quran asks all its followers to study all the fields related to science, mathematics, astronomy, physics, sociology, etc. the teaching of  Islam is not restricted to a certain criteria but it has theories related to history, science and sociology.


THE PROPHET PREDICTED VARIOUS SECTS OF MUSLIMS Top 10 Amazing things about Islam that you Dont know

Today many people complain that the Muslims are divided into so many different sects but they do not know that the prophet (PBUH) himself during his lifetime said that in the coming days the Muslims will divide themselves into 73 sects. People think that the sects are different from each other but the point is that the rituals which are being followed by the sects are the ones prophet himself followed during his life, none of the rituals are created by the people themselves, different people have selected some sunnah of the prophet and adapted them. The point is that it doesn’t matter if pray with your hands folded on chest, or if your hands are folded on your abdominal or if your hands are lying straight, because prophet himself followed all the three ways. There are mosques built by Shia and Sunnis but the thing is that every mosque is being built for Allah. People have different ways of praying but they all lie down in sajdah in front of the same creator.


jihad does not mean mass killing Top 10 Amazing things about Islam that you Dont know

Jihad is another amazing postulate of Islam but it has also been misunderstood by the people. Jihad does not mean the mass killing of non Muslim, it means that you have to go for the rescue of your Muslim brothers who are being tortures and are not being provided with their rights. Jihad in no way mean killing innocent people, there are however some people who have misunderstood the significance of jihad.


allah is spirtual Top 10 Amazing things about Islam that you Dont know

Many non Muslims considers Muslims to be fool for they believe in something they have never actually seen in their lives, these are the people who want to see God in human or material form. The existence of Allah is very very vast; he is so superior that we can’t even imagine him. Giving a material shape to the God means that you are limiting the power of your God, Allah is unlimited, you cannot capture him into a sculpture, you cannot compare him to the sky, you cannot relate him to the oceans, he is something we cannot even imagine, But the thing which is even more amazing is that even though we cannot see Allah but we can feel him everywhere, he lives inside the heart of his people, he stands with them in every thick and thin of lives.


ISLAMIC WAY OF LIFE IS ACCORDING TO THE SCIENTIFC WAY Top 10 Amazing things about Islam that you Dont know

Islam gives you a complete description of how you are supposed to spend your day, but all the actions that we do provide advantages to our health. For example, according to a research you blood pressure varies during the day so the doctors suggested that at least one time a day you should bend your body in such a way that the blood in your body rushes towards the head, the position is same as Sajdah the Muslims do five times a day during their prayers. Islam has explained a proper time for sleeping which is most beneficial time according to the studies done by scientist, the fast which the Muslims keep during ramzan is a kind of dieting, and the positions in Namaz are similar to yoga. This is a never ending list.


ISLAM DOESN’T ASK THE WOMEN TO WEAR A BURQA Top 10 Amazing things about Islam that you Dont know

Islam doesn’t ask the women to wear a burqa, the holy Quran says that the women are supposed to cover all their body parts properly, the dress should be lose, not very fitted so that the curves of a woman are not focused. Quran asks the women to cover their heads and cover their faces so that they may not have to endure the dirty stares of the men. There is no such thing as Burqa in the holy Quran or the teaching of holy prophets; the women however do wear Burqa because it is convenient. you can wear any kind of dress but it should not be cleavage, should cover all the body parts and your curves should not the focused, there is no point of wearing a so called Burqa if it is fitted, and if you do want to wear a Burqa it should be lose. You can choose any color you like for it, there is no law in Islam saying that the Burqa should be black, women wear black burqa because it doesn’t get dirty very often.



EINSTINE’S THEORY OF RELITIVTY IS PRESENT IN THEORIES OF ISLAM Top 10 Amazing things about Islam that you Dont know

The theory of relativity says that the mass, time and length remains same in constant frame of reference but they can fluctuate if the object moves with the speed of light. Einstein said that time; mass and length are not constant. Now the amazing thing is that this theory was already present in Quran and Quran was sent before Einstein was born. In surah kahf is the theory present related to time dilation, the surah gives a detailed description which relates a true event, another proof is of the event when the holy prophet went up in the sky to visit the heaven and hell during his life time and then came back to earth, he made a journey of 23 years in friction of seconds. That night is a very special night in the religion Islam. This night is another marvelous example of time dilation.


ISLAM ACTUALLY COMPRHENDS ALL THE OTHER RELIGION Top 10 Amazing things about Islam that you Dont know

The religion which we have is Christianity, the holy Quran provides a detailed description regarding Hazrat Essa (AS) who is termed as Jesus in Christianity, was sent by Allah. The second religion is the Jewish one, according to the description given in Quran, Hazrat Moosa (AS) also known as mosses who happens to be the prophet of Jews is one of the prophets sent by Allah. These are the just two examples out of so many; Quran has a detailed description regarding many prophets sent by Allah during the long enduring history of world.

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