10 Ways to Win your Girlfriends Parents Heart

You have a beautiful girl friend waiting to spend her entire life with you, both of you share a great chemistry together, you both are made for each other, everything is going good between you both, but is that enough? Actually, the biggest hurdle comes after your girl has given you an acceptance node. This hurdle is to convenience girl’s parents! As the saying “first impression is the last”, it is really important that you behave well and make a mark in front of them. This can be done in many ways and you may also think that you are already well groomed and do not need these extra classes but think again, your girl loves you and not her parents! There are many ways to win the heart of her parents, read along to know more about few tips and tricks you may follow.

10. Dress up – Gentle Man Style:

gentle man 10 Ways to Win your Girlfriends Parents Heart

The very common and important point is to dress up and dress up appropriate to the occasion. It needs not be a swanky suit from a branded store either rug from a Sunday market. Just be appropriately dressed to the occasion wearing something that reflects your personality and attitude. Chip, clean, ironed cloths, well-polished shoes, nicely brushed hair and a smile on your face. If all these have been followed properly you have half battle won. The way you dress up reflects the person you are especially the type of colors you wear shows your mind set and attitude. The quality of cloths you wear will create an impression about your income to her parents, they are older to you and have a lot of experience do not ever forget that, so dress up to your best.

9. Show out – Confidence:

confidance 10 Ways to Win your Girlfriends Parents Heart

Think for a minute and analyze why your girlfriend loves you. Definitely she has seen certain qualities in you that distinguish from others, just transmit the same to her parents as well. Keep your chin up and believe in yourself, keep your confidence high. Communicate your confidence in your words by letting your girl’s parents know that you will take good care of her, if not as much as they did but you will still try. Show them that you are a matured and well to do person who understands the situations well. Do not try to pretend but be honest in your act. Confidence can do magic in your future relation as well. Keep it strong in your mind that you have the capacity and capability in you to win her parents over.

8. Leave it – Nervousness:

nerveousness 10 Ways to Win your Girlfriends Parents Heart

It is just normal to be nervous on such occasions, your life is at stake and tension level increases. But try to not show it up on your face. Being a little nervous is good as it will help you stay grounded but over nervousness may make things worse. So do remember to keep your chin up, smile and head high. Her parents have nothing against you but they are concerned for their daughter – respect & remember that. Keep your calm; being nervous will do no good. If you still thing any of the above suggestions are not working in your case then try breathing exercise, concentrate on your objective or the best option look at your girl’s face, I am sure that will do the magic!

7. Think Twice – Before you Act:

think twice 10 Ways to Win your Girlfriends Parents Heart

We stay in a world full of stress and worries but that does not mean you worry over anything and everything does it? When you will go to meet her parents it is obvious that they will scan you well and in the process may even ask you multiple questions. Arrow out bow and words out of mouth once out can never come back. So remember to everything they ask or enquirer think twice before you say anything. It maybe a little difficult, but then you can do some homework here. Ask your girlfriend about what probable questions her parents would ask you and prepare on them. Practice well, sometimes answers in our mind never find way into our words, getting confused or inability to express may also become a problem. So it is better to prepare, think and then act.

6. Magic Element – Respect:

respect 10 Ways to Win your Girlfriends Parents Heart

This is the single most important thing you can do to win them over – Respect! Every parent wants a son-in-law who knows the importance of his daughter and thus, gives her equal respect. Respecting your girl does not complete the picture also make it a point to respect her parents. Showing off your attitude, or speaking politely does not entirely mean you are respectfully correct. Even in your small gestures and actions your attitude towards being respected and showing the same gets reflected. For instance, when they serve you with something do not just take it but respect them back by obliging or asking them to share a well. These small actions will help you to get better with them and understand their behaviors. So remember first respect your girl and next respect her parents! Good things should be show offed only then they get their deserved value!

5. Key words – Initiative and Interest:

initiative 10 Ways to Win your Girlfriends Parents Heart

No one likes to interact with a dull and boring person. So even you do not try to be so. Take the initiative, invite them for dinner or to go out, greet them well and behave properly. Obviously when you will meet your in-laws for the first time you may even have to explain your love story to them, or state reasons why you think this relation will work. In such cases you make it a point to take up the initiative, instead of your girl popping up in between better you look towards setting up a clear conversation and sorting these things out. Also, try to be interested, giving answers pertaining to the question is good but may turn to be boring. Add few points additionally, try giving a concrete and proper answer and stay alive all through the conversation.

4. Pay – Attention:

PAY ATTENTION 10 Ways to Win your Girlfriends Parents Heart

Every individual has his/her mind set, work frame and thinking attitudes so they may try to thrust their thinking, ideologies, and philosophies over you. Meeting your girl’s parents for the first time maybe equivalent to attending a college class but then you cannot afford to lose your patience.  They may try to teach you, question your credibility, and ask you things that you never heard about, there may be generation gap as well but you need to be patient. Do not let your dis-interest reflect on your face or within your expressions. If you can’t pay attention at least stay alert to react back pro-actively.

3. Prepare first – Home work:

homework 10 Ways to Win your Girlfriends Parents Heart

Before going and meeting her parents it would be useful to gather information about them first. Ask your girlfriend to help you in this case. Discuss their likes, dislikes and interest so that you will be able to communicate with them better. Also, try and understand their background, life history so that you are playing safe and not striking the wrong nodes! As an old saying goes “No two fingers are same, so are humans”, try and groom yourself to their ways well before. Not like changing yourself totally but adapt and adjust as per their family. Also, proper home work will keep you prepared for adverse situations, which you will be able to handle better if you have a proper idea. Truly said: “The tough survive the storm. The prepared navigate around it”.

2. Be – “YOU”:

be yourself stefano principato1 4551216 lrg1 10 Ways to Win your Girlfriends Parents Heart

Many think it is a matter of few hours and start pretending to be someone who they actually are not. They start talking sugar-coated; agree to each and every thing the other side says and here comes the biggest problem. Making yourself better is one thing and changing yourself totally is other. Please do not do that, instead try to be true and natural. Accept negative points with grace and stay grounded when they appreciate you. Do not try to pose or overdo with things, instead try to flow with the wind and adapt to the changing situations. In fact people at that age and after becoming parents have lot of experience and can easily make out who is true and who is not so try and be as real as possible. False promises and lie do not do well to any one instead they only complicate things. Be yourself, be true and finally be happy.

1.      Gift Them – “WELL”:

gift box 10 Ways to Win your Girlfriends Parents Heart

We are humans and we are attracted by lucrative offers. Hard to accept but that is the truth. Think about gifting your girlfriend’s parents something nice, it will not only cheer them up but will also surely bring you closer to them. In ancient times also gifts were exchanged among people to break that initial ice! Anything that is usable, good looking, acceptable and nice can be a good gifting option. You may even try the old formula of flowers and chocolates. But do remember that you need to impress your girls’ mom and dad both so buy something keeping both of them in mind. You are sure to succeed in your attempt.

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