10 Toys Children Love to Play With

Toys – a simple one letter word which means a world to kids. We can all remember our childhood days, where we used to play with different playthings and made a world out of it. We all can remember the barbies we bought, the cars we raced with. The world has progressed, the wooden toys have been replaced by Hamleys and the manual cars have been replaced by automated ones. But the concept remains the same, the thrill experienced by children while playing with it remains the same. Nothing can replace one’s childhood days where they used to play with teddy bears and kitchen sets, and no one who isn’t of the age will understand the importance of those artificial things. But a child’s younger self lives with it, lives within it. One can always experience the wrath of the kid after breaking their favourite toy or their hurt when you stop them from playing.

Children are said to be the imaginative part of the society, they can build a world within themselves with simple things. Toys are a part of their life where children exist in their own settings. Today, when either or both of the parents are busy doing their work, toys are heaven’s gift to children. Sometimes, even when a kid grows up, his affection or attachment to a particular teddy bear or toy doesn’t fade and they fail to adjust without those non-natural things. It’s a reproduction of their love which they – sometimes – fail to share with the family members. So it indeed is true when people say that toys are integral part of a child’s life.

There are many toys out there which children love to play with, and some of them are:


10. Paper Planes

paper plane 10 Toys Children Love to Play With

Paper plane is usually a glider made of paper or paperboard.

Most of the people have experienced the love they share with the paper planes. Every child, in his existence, has at least once made an airplane and played with it. It is a very common origami, which is very easy to make. The process is elaborated in the following picture:

paper plane1 10 Toys Children Love to Play With

Paper planes cost absolutely nothing and interest children extensively. It can keep the child busy for a while. Paper planes (and other origami) are a way to intellectually enhance the child while keeping him interested by making it a plaything.


9. Balloons

balloons 10 Toys Children Love to Play With

One can argue that balloons aren’t exactly a toy, but it can’t be denied that children love to play with it. It is very common to see them hold one or many and play with it, in their own way. Balloons are inexpensive and harmless and fun for children to play with. It is a result of balloon’s unpredictability, that it makes itself attractive to the kids. Also, it is weightless and bouncy, which makes it more appeasing to the younger generation of the society. And the colours in which one can buy them, adds to the glory of the balloon.


8. Caricature of the Avengers

caricature 10 Toys Children Love to Play With

Children are often found playing with different caricatures of the avengers and other superhuman characters. It is very fascinating for them to make them work in a certain way. Children tend to collect these and play with them by fighting with each other’s caricature.

Children learn to copy the way a certain avenger behave from the television and movies and makes their toy act in the specific way is a way to have fun for them. ­parents tend to get irritated by these antiquities of their kid, but regardless, it is a toy children love.


7. Building blocks

building blocks 300x291 10 Toys Children Love to Play With

Most of us can remember playing with blocks, in which a person places one piece of the toy over the other, connecting it. An elderly person can wonder what fun can it be, but it actually is a lot of enjoyment, especially to children, whose experience is rather limited.

The blocks pacify all the children, and parents often provide them with this toy to keep them busy for some amount of time. Although it will eventually bore the child out, it still will keep him busy for a longer period of time in comparison with other toys.


6. Lightsaber

lightsaber 10 Toys Children Love to Play With

Made after being influenced by Star Wars series, lightsabers are a very common toy or appliance children love to play with. They are easy to handle and can be bought with glow-in-dark characteristics too. Since it is an element out of the movie itself, the craze of children regarding it enormous.


5. Mechanics

mechanics 300x232 10 Toys Children Love to Play With

It is a toy which consists of screw and driver and other building parts. A child has to join one piece to another using the screws provided and make an element – such as a ship, or car – out of it. It is a very popular game which is said to enhance the engineering qualities of a kid. A child is recommended these toys so that his imagination and creativity can be expanded and he can augment his knowledge in a practical way. Often children who grow up to become engineers, have been found to love this simple – yet complicated – game in their childhood. In a way, it improves the futuristic plans and shapes the mind of the child.


4. Soft Toys

soft toys 300x208 10 Toys Children Love to Play With

Made up of fur and filled with cotton, soft toys are soothers. It is not hard to find a crying 20 year old girl clutching a teddy bear. It is also not very hard to find an adult sleeping with one, making it as her emotional comforter.

Children – especially small girls – love soft toys. It sometimes scare away some kids too, due to the unaccustomed shape of the face (generally), but most of the times it is a toy they love. It is a very popular choice for a toy. Nowadays, ranges of soft toys are available in the market, of different shape and size and colour.


3. Barbie (Dolls)

barbie 211x300 10 Toys Children Love to Play With

Barbies are unisexual; they soothe only the double X chromosome bearing members of the society. It is hard to find – though not impossible – a guy playing with it.

Dolls came into existence as early as 100 AD. Then they were made of rudimentary materials, which evolved itself into today’s synthetic and fashionable Barbies.

The first thing a person thinks of for gifting a baby girl is a Barbie. It holds its own charm – albeit because it gives a sense of home and motherly instincts – for the daughters. A girl treats her dolls as her own prodigy and it is a very good example of the female nature of motherhood.

2. Cars

cars 10 Toys Children Love to Play With

Provide a boy with a toy car, and you will see that breathtaking smile from him that you were waiting for. No other toy appeals more to a boy than a car.

Even as he grows up, the obsession with cars doesn’t reduce. Most of the guys are crazy about cars –be it thirty year old or a three year old. There aren’t words that would describe the love he has for his cars.

It is extremely common to see a boy trailing around his toy car, or truck, wherever he can – it can be the floor or furniture or even your hands. It is a very popular choice of gift for boy kids, and also an apt one. A boy kid will love nothing more than his toy cars.


1. Rubik’s cube (Magic Cube)

Rubiks cube 288x300 10 Toys Children Love to Play With

It is a 3D combination puzzle, invented in 1974, in which all six sides of a cube are covered with sticker of six different colours. The mechanism is such that all pieces can be mechanically displaced, thus ending up mixing the colours. A person has to turn one face into one colour and subsequently all the other faces. It is now manufactured in different colours, dimensions, number of sides.

Magic cube is a toy for elder kids, since it is too complicated for young children. It is a very popular toy, in regards with the fact that parents prefer it since it enhances the mental ability of the kids and can keep him busy for a long period of time.

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