10 Things we know about the Meteorite Fall in Russia Chelyabinsk

On the Morning of 15th February 2013, People of Russian region closer to Ural Mountains Chelyabinsk witnessed an amazingly bright and dangerous object coming towards them from the sky. This bright object was a dangerous Meteor that hit Earth at Chelyabinsk region at around 9. 20 AM Russian time.

meteor russia 10 Things we know about the Meteorite Fall in Russia Chelyabinsk

10 things that we know about this Meteor from the Early reports of Russian News agencies are:

1. The Large Meteor was Burnt in the Atmosphere which prevented Meteor falling as one big piece but rather small fragmented pieces which decreased the damage by certain degree. If it would have fallen as one big piece the damage would have been certainly extremely huge and could have caused a lot more disturbing and dreadful consequences.

2. The Meteor has fallen in Chelyabinsk which is on the East of Russian Ural Mountains. The city has a population of around 1 Million People but the good thing is that the Meteor fell in a region which wasn’t densely populated.

3. There have been close to 105 causalities 1000 causalities as of now, no news is out on exact state of causalities and most of the causalities have been because of aftermaths of the Meteor as it’s impact created a big shockwave which made it sound like a big bomb blast. The windows and roof of a lot of close by buildings and houses were severely damaged.

Update: Casualties have crossed 1,000 People now.

4. People first thought of it as a Plane (or probably a Rocket) which was crashing down.

5. A 600 square metres of Roof of a Tin factory fell after the shockwave of the Meteor and details are being checked in order to verify the casualties there.

6. As per the Russian official Reports No Meteor is expected to fall again and they are telling the People to avoid Panic Calls.

7. There are Reports that Meteor is expected to be burnt down at a Height of 10,000-meter (32,800-foot) by Earth’s Atmosphere as Reported by Reuters.

8. There were No Pre Warnings by Russian Authorities on the Meteor fall and such precautions could have certainly helped in minimizing the damages.

9. The witnesses on Twitter have reported that after the Meteor fell there was a lot of Panic, Also a lot of Car Alarms went up because of Impact and Schools and Offices have been closed for the day so that Russian authorities can be sure and can properly access the damages and situation.

10. The dash cams in Russian cars (We have become an absolute fans of these cameras) have certainly proved to be an absolutely amazing thing, Russians were able to record hundreds of videos of the falling Meteor from within their cars and all these visuals are able to show exactly what happened at the instant with the sound ofcourse.

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