10 Things Over Which We spend Unnecessary Money

Its all about the money honey! Does not this popular phrase sums it all?  Money has become so important in our lives that one cant evn imagine living a life of penury, while its true that people are forced to live like that but  for most of us it is unimaginable. And the lucky ones who have it in abundance do not value it. What  a wonderful irony!

People who have no financial restrains to keep them away from something they like are often seen to indulge in things which they are never going to use or worse still could not be used by anyone. For them, they serve for no purpose but only as a good option for passing time whenever they are getting bored.

While retail therapy does gives you a psychological high and is known to alleviate mood but indulging in it whenever you feel low sure can cast a shell on your pocket. And if you ask girls, they will tell you how often they have went home with an empty wallet after shopping for everything that they did not want to buy, and when they finally get what they came shopping for, they are left with no money! Only if money grew on trees and every house had so many of them in their garden!

I know the thought sounds too naive but what is the harm in imagining something which gives you pleasure? So all those realists out there.. Relax guys!

Women are generally stereotyped as being spendthrifts while the guys are known to be prudent about money. And it is such a misconception! Guys also spend foolishly and waste money and this I can say so convincingly because even in my group, my male friends stop at every store which catches their fancy and God do they take forever to come out? Only we girls know! whats more people,  the person who shops a little too much in our group is not as assumed a girl! But  a guy! I hope I just proved the innocence of girls here!

When it comes to spending money carefully one would not stop at anything. Even the most bizarre things are bought and then discarded within no time. the list really is crazy, stupid and endless!

everybody can identify with the situation where one can just not stop oneself from getting tempted and buy something which caught one’s eye. Truly it is one of the most difficult thing in the world to do, and everybody knows giving in  a temptation is a sin. And if it is considered a sin, then surely we are the biggest sinners!

Enough talking about it, lets start with the actual things which tempt us so much..

10. Clothes 

clothes 10 Things Over Which We spend Unnecessary Money

Now ask any girl about it, they know what I am talking about. Spending all your money on clothes is almost  a monthly or  a weekly affair!

But what drives people to splurge so much on clothes? Agreed that clothes are a basic need but what made them luxury items to indulge in these days is the highly materialistic society, and particularly its brand consciousness, and there starts our problem for the amount of respect one person gets is directly proportional to his dressing sense these days, and hence the need to spend money on clothes so frequently.

But who is complaining? We, sure are not. For our dressing sense defines who we are! Am i right folks?

9. Food

food 10 Things Over Which We spend Unnecessary Money

in this age of expensive organic food and not so expensive junk food, what do you think wins the race?

If you answered organic food then you are one of  a kind but if you, without wasting a second, replied with junk food, then sure we should go out on lunch some time!

Why do people waste money on food? for theirs survival! Easy enough?

Not quite! For have you ever observed that your body craves for certain comfort foods when you are feeling low? These comfort foods are mostly things like chocolate and other sweets which not only give you the feeling of satiety but also satisfaction and its consequence – People get addicted to them and become binge eaters which not only results in health and psychological problems but also increase your expenses on food.

8. Excessive Clubbing

excessive clubbing 300x200 10 Things Over Which We spend Unnecessary Money

Do you believe in the philosophy ‘ Work hard and party harder’. Well then you already know what we mean..

But for the uninitiated we will give you a step by step narrative of what happens. Its a weekend and you have worked every inch of your leaving yourself completely  exhausted and tired. Enter the club in the picture and the scene changes from boring to happening. and this becomes too much of  a diversion to live by and hence people waste huge sums of money not on clubbing but excessive clubbing.

The result - Morning after hangover and your bank balance considerably reduced!

7. Cosmetics 

Cosmetics 300x273 10 Things Over Which We spend Unnecessary Money

Now as much  I am tempted to lay all the blame on girls for this point but hang on! How can I betray my cause of feminism?

Cosmetics were long considered to be the female’s domain but that news is passe now. For increasing number of males are using them because suddenly the concept of male grooming has caught on like anything. and hence facials and manicures for men are offered in every premium salon these days. And girls were already notorious for spending all their money on cosmetics.

6. Luxury cars

luxury cars 300x225 10 Things Over Which We spend Unnecessary Money

Now this is one fad which has always belonged to guys. The relationship between men and mean machines have been known since times immemorial.

If you are  a guy and you have money or if you if don’t have money but will become well off someday, then what is it that you are likely to lay your hands on, without any second thoughts land rover and Mercedes or whatever you like. Am i not talking sense people?

for the rich, luxury cars and that too many are a way to flaunt their wealth and the high standard of living they can afford. These luxury cars not only come with  a hefty price tag but also more importantly vanity among the rich. And how does these cars become a waste of money?

For a simple reason  that had the money which had been used to buy these cars, used for some philanthropic work, it would have reaped much better result for the whole of human kind.

5.  VIP Numbers

vip numbers 10 Things Over Which We spend Unnecessary Money

As if buying luxury cars was not enough! Now people feel the need for special numbers too.

Special numbers are basically easy combinations of mobile numbers which make the phone number easy to memorize and these special numbers are  a hit among people not only for their easy combinations but also some believe that t lucky number would be fortunate for them as well, while  some others just love to own  a special number out of no special reason.

The service provider companies always keep back such numbers and do not release them commonly, and therefore their price starts from few thousands and can go up to crores. Now, isn’t it  a really expensive habit to cultivate?

And I cant help but think for how many days would they feel special with their not so common numbers? After all they are just mobile numbers for heavens sake! And if you really have some extra money, Why don’t you just use them for charity!

4. Expensive Cellphones

expensive cellphones 300x157 10 Things Over Which We spend Unnecessary Money

Now when you have  a special number and you still feel like spending some more money, what could be better than to buy some really expensive phone, right?

But of course, now by that don’t get confused by assuming phones like  iPhone  and others. Absolutely not monsieur  Think big! How about a diamond and crystal studded cellphone? If you ask me  these cellphones are a kind of security for their masters, if they ever go broke!

Diamond and other precious studded cellphones, are they any different from the normal phones  It is only an indulgence which the rich can easily partake in and waste their money comfortably upon! An expensive cellphone is among the many prerequisite for the showing off a luxurious wealth.

3. Gambling

gambling 300x200 10 Things Over Which We spend Unnecessary Money

Be it roulette tables, a game of poker or bets. Gambling is the preoccupation of people who really want to spend their money by literally risking all of it. Also of those people who can afford to lose as many as all the games they try their hands in.

Gambling deals  with money, truck loads of it, and commoners can only dream about it but it is the rich who have money at their disposal and who can actually indulge their whims and fancies and splurge on whatever they feel like.

However, it is seen that even people who are not so rich are addicted towards betting and thus gamble away all heir money and thus are forced to live  a life of penury all through out their life.

2. Expensive Gifts

expensive gifts 10 Things Over Which We spend Unnecessary Money

By expensive I do not mean maybe branded clothes or anything like that, but I mean way too extravagant gifts such as private islands, helicopters and what not. And it is not the story of some one or two business tycoons but this trend of gifting a luxury car for children as young as five is increasingly sharply.

when did the art of gifting changed or rather morphed into another excuse of flaunting your wealth  This new trend not only has superficial consequences but far deeper implications which are  equally problematic. One of them being that when one kid in a friend circle receives such an expensive gift, others also start expecting their parents to  do the same which is almost impossible.

1.  Owning A Piece Of Land On The Moon

owning a small piece of land on the moon 293x300 10 Things Over Which We spend Unnecessary Money

This is the most bizarre thing which people waste unnecessary money on and hence is at the top spot!

Space tourism have become such a trending topic these days and quite naturally space voyages are the next big thing. And also due to overpopulation, the scientific fraternity is of the opinion that in future Moon might become a place where human colonies could be set up.

And hence some opportunists have started selling lad on the moon for  a heavy price. The result – Many rich people can be seen flaunting their property papers proudly!

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