10 Things Important for a Country to Progress Except Education

The world is a place where human beings try to make the best of their living and every one try to reach to the best. Some of the countries are categorized as developed countries, a few are developing and some are under developed. Developed countries are those who already have the best of best facilities and people live in the most high standards. Developing ar some of those countries who are making their efforts in giving the best to their country, and under developed are those countries who still have a lot to improve. Though a country having literacy is as important it is not the only thing which can make a country the better nation. Sometimes even the best literate person fails to make the best leader and give his people the best facilities. True that education give the right perspective to think and make the right decision, but there are many other things a country need concentrate in order improve and make their country the developed nation, Ever developed nation also have to work on some problems. But while they are already there, they need to keep going on with their efforts. Some of the most important things every country need to focus in order to progress are,

10. Improvement of Governance

Improvement of Governance 10 Things Important for a Country to Progress Except Education

Someone who takes a pledge of maintaining a certain group and leading should always follow some rules, and though there are numerous rules, one need to know their responsibilities. Most countries lack in improvement is because of the setbacks of the governance with a poor leader who might be as ignorant as to not do his or her duties. There are many corruption in a country and some of the major wrongs will be not doing their work, not helping people, bribes everywhere for everything, etc Government should concentrate more on improving their nation by providing more facilities to the people, and work towards solving their country’s major issues.

9. Control inflation

Control inflation 10 Things Important for a Country to Progress Except Education

Most developing countries and underdeveloped countries face a major problem is with their economic conditions. When there is no proper planning in any country, you always end up in doing unwanted things for an unreasonable price. An inflation generally means the fall of the value of money or rise in the price. It happens when the buying power is higher than the output, which can have a loss for the country economic development. Inflation is measured on two terms known as Producer Price Index (PPI) and Consumer Price Index (CPI). A country can have inflation problem due to many things such as the increasing population, high indirect taxes, rise in energy producers-petrol, diesel, CNG, electricity etc. Hence these inflation can cause a serious threat for any country on its way to progress. Government need to make measures and policies, depending on the damage caused by inflation’s.

8. Introduce a proper strict policies

Introduce a proper strict policies 10 Things Important for a Country to Progress Except Education

When there are so many numerous things to be developed in a country, there are people in the government working towards each of the things individually. Policies are normally a written document in order to follow certain rules and regulations signed by the responsible officials to work in a systematic order towards making the nation more happier. Hence there should be proper policies introduced and should be followed by all, such as an environmental policy, insurance policy, Financial policy etc.

 7. Poverty

Poverty 10 Things Important for a Country to Progress Except Education

Poverty is one of the major crisis of most of the underdeveloped and developing countries. Though this is somehow linked to the education of the people, but all uneducated people are not poor. For the development of any country it is very much necessary for the government to provide for its people with the basic necessity of food, clothing and shelter. Any country needs its people to be happy first to improve. If the poverty increases, its natural that the people of the country is unhappy, and they cannot afford for any good culture and high standard of living. Which can affect a country’s growth in all the ways. So to progress, countries need to focus on improving the people living life with satisfactory.

6. Population

Population 10 Things Important for a Country to Progress Except Education

Today’s world prefer more of nuclear families than big families, because its difficult to deal with too many people at home. Makes it difficult to handle, to makes decision, provide to all while the person who might be bringing money and food will not be enough and upon all they like to stay happy and content. Its the same with the nation also. When any country is overly populated it is difficult to deal with many things, and there are problems arising because of more people and less resources to provide for them such as economically, medically, and a lot more. This can also lead to poverty and more crime as people will subject to steal things for hunger, convenience and for luxury. Population can be a serious threat for a country progress, and it need to be controlled with proper measures from the government and by educating the people.

5. Increase trade with other countries

Increase trade with other countries 10 Things Important for a Country to Progress Except Education

Imagine being without any friends, life do not lead you anywhere and it is difficult to grow, the same with every nation’s development is very important on growing its trade with its friendly nation. Trade between nations even the most developed countries such as U.S also is necessary because every country produce different things and people will be need of different things which might not be available in their own instead it will be manufactured in other countries. Hence trade between countries is an important thing for the growth of a country. There should be proper planning for trade between nations as to what are the necessary things one need to import to make their nation a better place to live. A good trade will improve the standard of living of the people which helps in the progress of the country.

4. Improvement of environment quality

Improvement of environment quality 10 Things Important for a Country to Progress Except Education

There are some serious protests going on in many countries as save trees and plants in order to protect the green environment which gives you oxygen to breath. At the fast pace in which countries are looking forward to develop by introducing new energy productions, they are causing more damage to the environment they live in. The amount of nuclear productions, carbon productions and radio activity in the most developing countries is so high that there is a serious threat to their environment to get polluted making people infected to more hazardous diseases which names one might have not even ever heard before. As much as any nation concentrate in developing with more resources it is necessary also to take measures that they do not cause more ill health to their people. Hence maintaining a good environmental quality is important for the progress of a nation.

3. Equality

Equality 10 Things Important for a Country to Progress Except Education

When a child goes to school, its first question usually would be why do I have to wear this boring uniform and not any of my favorite color dress. The system is been introduced in most of schools in most countries is to teach in an young age about equality and no one is superior than other. But usually lessons taught in an young age is normally forgotten as we grow up, because the priorities changes. Maintaining certain rules which emphasis on having no difference with any kind of races, people, and show a moral feeling towards each other can help in growing bondage with one another which can help building the nation. Where there is equality among the people, there is no space for poor or rich. Privileges are equally shared and makes more healthier. Hence equality among the people of any nation is as important for the country’s progress.

2. Politics and wrong politicians

Politics and wrong politicians 10 Things Important for a Country to Progress Except Education

Its not only with the people who form the government and our leaders but politics is there everywhere and everyone like to outsmart the other, be it a friend or a superior. But when people in the authority do politics in which they concentrate on more of self improvement than the nations improvement, the nation finds difficult to find its place as a developed country. Leader pledge that he or she will help the nation to grow and instead the politicians fight among themselves, spend the money in unwanted things which are supposed to help the nations development, inventing new strategies which are bad for any kind of economical growth etc. There were certain politicians who tried as hard as they could to help people and their nation. But today its all about power and money. Most countries are democratic, and voting a right leader is our choice, but it is as difficult when you choose. Of course it is also difficult to find the right man as well, but we need to look harder and consider facts before we elect our leaders.

1. Strict laws and honorable law person

Strict laws and honorable law person 10 Things Important for a Country to Progress Except Education

Every country have their own law to protect their people from any kind of a crime and a person who helps the people with law such as a policeman, lawyer, a judge, etc are the one who are pledged to to protect and make their nation a stronger and safer place to live in. But it so happens again that everyone are more concerned about self than doing any good to others. The government of any country need to set strict rules to follow either to people or someone who works in this jobs. Punishments to the committed crime and help to an innocent should not be neglected. Hence for a country to develop the crime rate should be reduced to the maximum by training law protectors accurately with stable people.

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