10 Reasons why Children are forced to Leave Studies in India

We know how much education is important in today’s world. Education turns man into a civilized person. Education doesn’t mean just books or schools or colleges but it can be any form of expert learning. It is what teaches you to live a balanced life and helps you achieve your dreams. But even in this time, children are forced to leave studies. The reasons vary but the consequences are the same for all. It results into an uneducated person with unfulfilled dreams. Let us see some of the reasons that make children to leave school in India:


10. Money:

Money 10 Reasons why Children are forced to Leave Studies in India


This is a self-explanatory point. In earlier days, providing knowledge and educating others was a deed of God, it was thought as a way to wash away the sins. But today, like all other things, Education is mere a means to earn money or you can say Providing Education is just a business now. There is no importance of talent today. Money speaks everywhere. This has caused those having talent and will but no money to drop out of the studying institutions. Parents having lack of money are not able to pay the fees for the education of their children. With the increasing price of everything, price of study material have also risen. It had made it impossible for those parents who were struggling to earn money for food and shelter. Thus they have to force their children to move out of the school or colleges and they have to follow their family legacy.


9. Safety:

Safety 10 Reasons why Children are forced to Leave Studies in India


This point is more applicable for girls but it has been the main reason for forcing the children to leave studies a lot. Today, the environment of the cities has also maintained a threat in everyone’s mind. People don’t feel it safe anymore to get out of their house alone or even in a group. Every day we go through the news about some mishaps taking place all around us. Now when there is a fear in the minds of not just the children but also their parents as usual, how can they go out for getting education when their main priority is well being of themselves. Various mishaps like rapes, kidnaps, accidents etc have forced the people to think that they want to see their children uneducated but healthy than taking the risk.


8. Marriage:

Marriage 10 Reasons why Children are forced to Leave Studies in India


Even though the legal age of marriage has been set to 18 for girls and 21 for boys, but even now there are many places in India where Child Marriage still exists. And as we know after marriage continuing studies is a task next to impossible. After marriage there is a huge burden of responsibilities and in some cases when it leads to parenthood, it becomes even more difficult. Under all these circumstances, no one can continue with their studies. This was the case when children have to leave their studies because of child marriage. But there are many cases when one want to pursue higher education but because of the pressure by the family, they have to forget what they want and do what their parents want them to do that is to marry and kill their own hopes, dreams and aspirations.


7. Surroundings:

Surroundings 10 Reasons why Children are forced to Leave Studies in India


You may have heard many times that today people are more interested in others lives than their own. And truly, this is very correct. Today, it is just a source of entertainment for others to see others in trouble, others fights are the spices in their own lives. People tend to create misunderstandings and a problem in others lives just for fun. People around us keep on asking others about the marriage of their children when even their own children are unmarried. If their children are not good with studies, they will try any trick to force others to quit studies. If they can’t get something they won’t let anyone else have it. So, they create mental pressure on others to force them to quit studies or force their children to do so. And poor parents believe in that fake care. And poor children have to leave studies because of them.



6. Responsibility:

Responsibility 10 Reasons why Children are forced to Leave Studies in India


Bad time is never invited. It never comes with a pre-warning. And who knows what is going to happen next. In many cases, the earner of the family, the head that is responsible for fulfilling the survival necessities of the entire family faces some mishap. In these cases, all the responsibility moves to the children, the descendant of the family. He has to perform the role of the head now. He has to earn for his family. In such conditions, how can he continue with his studies, when his main and most important goal is to fill the tummies of the family members? Under the burden of responsibilities, they forget their aims, their dreams, and are stuck in the cycle of maturity forever. And as a result, they have to leave their studies for the sake of their loved ones.



5. Illness:

Illness1 10 Reasons why Children are forced to Leave Studies in India


This is yet another reason because of which children are forced to leave their studies. There is no control over destiny and we can’t change what is going to happen. Many times they get seriously sick and are not able to continue with their studies even when they can do so as they have the required resources. As “Health is Wealth”, So when one is not able to even live healthy, how can he even think of continuing his studies. Many cases of illness like cancer, asthma etc has been found; when children have to just stay at home to at least survive because “life is definitely more important than Education”.


4. Lack of interest:

Lack of Interest 10 Reasons why Children are forced to Leave Studies in India


Now this is not some reason where the children are the victims and they wanted to continue with their studies but the situations were not favorable for them and it was not in their destiny to study and make their brighter future. In many cases, children themselves are not so fond of studies. Either they have different dreams or they are just not right for studies they are not very much in to studies. Studying for them is not a passion or will. They are forced to study by their parents or teachers. But this can’t go on forever and in the end they have to leave studies to either follow their heart or do what they are good at or just spoil their entire future. It can be because in the blue print of their life, they don’t find studying a good option as they don’t need studies to achieve what they want to.


3. Discrimination:

Discrimination 10 Reasons why Children are forced to Leave Studies in India


In mid 20th century, there existed many social issues in India and until now they are not removed completely. One of them is Discrimination. Discrimination is preventing others from their rights because of their Race, Culture, Caste or Sex. Today also, this evil has not vanished from the society and people are still being discriminated. Because of this, girls are kept from pursuing their studies because according to the Evil Society, they are meant to be the servant of the house and they can’t study and be independent. Similarly, people of lower caste are not allowed to enter into the schools or temples because they don’t have the rights to be there. So, the children from such castes or religion are forced to stay away from the schools and remain backward. This sense of inequality has forced them to leave studies.


2. Migration:

Migration 10 Reasons why Children are forced to Leave Studies in India


There are many families which have to keep on migrating because of work or some personal reasons. In most of the cases when the children are too young to leave studies, the parents have to continue with their studies but in some cases, under certain circumstances, they have to force their children to leave studies. In case of orphan hood, when some relative has to take the children to their place, it becomes very less probable that the children would continue studies. Under depressed times and responsibilities and the feeling of isolation, they have to quit studies and maintain a life where they can be independent. In such cases, with their parents, die their dreams also.


1.  Lack of education of family:

Lack of education of family 10 Reasons why Children are forced to Leave Studies in India


When the parents are educated, they know how education is necessary for the grooming, success and development of their children. But when they themselves are not educated they won’t be very much aware of the importance of education in today’s times. They would stick on their family tradition that definitely involves education and would have the belief that of they can have a living without education, so can their children also. So they won’t even let their children to take this decision and in most cases they are not even provided with the chance to know what education means. It is cruel but very true.

If you are able to read the above article, then you must know the importance of education. Consider yourself lucky for that because not all of them get this chance. Try to improve the society by spreading the power of knowledge and let it be the identity of everyone you know.

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