10 Most Common things that lead to Distraction among People

You may have heard many times that if you want to do something perfectly all you need to do is to focus on that work only and concentrate on it only without any outside distractions and you will get a definite success. But today the word Focus is being replaced by distraction everywhere for everyone. And the reasons for the same are many. Sometimes the individual himself is not so dedicated towards his work and sometimes there are external sources that cause trouble for him to work. Some of the common things that lead to distraction among people are:


10. Environment:

Environment 10 Most Common things that lead to Distraction among People


Environment is a very important factor when you are working. If the environment is too uncomfortable for you, you would not be able to even work. Like while you are studying or doing some office work, how would you feel when there is no fan on a burning day! Yeah it would piss you out. Similarly, when you have to work in a closed cell but you are not provided with lights would you be able to even see! Again a No. But if we talk about very bright light you won’t prefer that too. So, there is no fixed value of such parameters but are set as per your comfort. But if they are not, then you won’t be able to work. It is often said when you are studying a little less than comfort should be provided to the student to prevent him from falling asleep. So generally parents avoid AC’s in their rooms. Now this is something opposing this point but as I already said, it entirely depends on you, how you need your environment to be.


9. Phone:

Phones 10 Most Common things that lead to Distraction among People


How would you feel when you are working on something very important and you suddenly get a call from a wrong number! All of the thoughts just vanished away and you have to start from the scratch again. Isn’t it? When you are working you don’t like taking calls but you have to as you have a mobile phone that haunts you everywhere even in the bathroom and once you don’t receive it, you are the rude one. Strange but true. Telephones are distracting people every minute. So why not just put the phone on answering machine when you don’t want to attend the call and want to work? Yes you can do it, because it is entirely your wish if you want to talk or not. Similarly, continuous beeping of your phone because of the texts you are getting from some friend of yours in the mean time of an important meeting or some work is very irritating. But people today are facing this situation a lot. And it keeps this point on the 8th place on this list.


8. Emails:

Emails 10 Most Common things that lead to Distraction among People


Emails were intended to be the non-disturbing source of connecting people. But when someone doesn’t know to prioritize the mails and do the appropriate settings as per his needs, it will lead to distraction only. Suppose you are working on your computer system and you keep on getting alerts for the received mails. It would be very distracting! Similarly, when you open up your Mail Account, you expect that you will be receiving important mails but that is so not true. You get a lot of spam mails and it becomes a very tedious task to filter those useless mails. They cause a lot of distraction for people and what we need to do is do the proper settings of the mail account so that we don’t get the alerts in case we get mails or we get those important mails in a separate folders. That can help us a lot.



7. Noise:

Noise 10 Most Common things that lead to Distraction among People


Imagine you are working on something and you want complete isolation and silence as you can’t work properly when there are sounds to distract you, won’t your work be suffered because of the sounds?? Yes it would. Many people can work in any condition and don’t care and are not disturbed if there is outside noises but most of the people are. The traffic sounds coming from outside can even lead to big consequences. You may have noticed the boards of no horns when you pass through a school or a hospital. It is done just to prevent that from happening. Similarly, getting disturbed by the one-sided conversation of your colleagues is also very irritating. Or when people around you keep talking without caring about the disturbances they are causing. It distracts you and you can’t give your 100% while working. You may use head-phones to prevent that from happening or you may try closing the doors. The best way could be to just tell them to take their party outside and let you work. Impolite but Necessary!


6. Meetings:

Meetings 10 Most Common things that lead to Distraction among People


Meetings are required to be done for the proper progress of work. But a lot of meetings are always frustrating. You want to work and suddenly you are called up for some meeting which is of no use for you in any way. Yes it is a big distraction. Unnecessary meetings and frequent meetings are always a distraction. When all you need is an uninterrupted time so that you can just focus on what you are doing, meetings can cause a delay in your work. You just don’t like listening to others’ views or even your boss when all you need to be done is Time to Work.


5. Eating:

Eating 10 Most Common things that lead to Distraction among People


When you have a burger in one of your hand, how can you work properly? If you are driving, how are you supposed to concentrate on the road? A research has proved that if the driver is eating something while driving his time of response increases and it result into accidents. This distraction has very serious outcomes. Similarly, while you are working in your office and you keep on eating snacks, your mind will be diverted. Instead of focusing 100% on your work, some focus will be diverted to the process of eating snacks and in case when you are not that interested in doing that work, what you will be doing 10 minutes later will be just eating and no work. Thus before starting any work, make sure your tummy is full and you don’t need to refill before getting your job done.



4. Thoughts:

Thoughts 10 Most Common things that lead to Distraction among People


Sometimes physical presence may help you get through something but if we talk about important things than physical presence alone might not help you. You need to be present mentally also. For example you are driving but your mind is absorbed in some other thing. You are thinking about some other things and this distraction can cause a major accident. Similarly, while you are working, no matter what field it is, whether it is related to some physical work or it involves some mind work, a small duration of distraction when you are thinking about everything else except your job can lead to disastrous consequences. Your own thoughts can cause a great trouble for you. But today it is a great task to control your own thoughts, it get distracted very easily. What you need to do is do some meditation or focus on your work.


3. Drinking and Speeding:

Drinking and Speeding 10 Most Common things that lead to Distraction among People


You see the boards and rules saying the speed limit is 60 kph or a board saying, ”Don’t Drink and Drive”. But very few follow the rule and the rest who don’t are the main cause of accidents. When you are driving while drunk or while you are driving at a large speed, you don’t get enough time to react in case of any person on the road or something and the result is a big accident that may cause the deaths also. Similarly, when you go drunk to your work, you can’t work properly. People say after drinking the entire personality of a person changes. And this is true also. And when in that condition you are thinking to work, then it can’t be a good one for sure. So avoid doing such silly things causing a danger to not just your own life but to others also.


2. Bad Driver:

Bad Driver 10 Most Common things that lead to Distraction among People


This is exclusively for the case of driving. When you don’t know something, try to learn it, but don’t try to act smart and try to do it when you can possibly hurt others. For example you don’t know how to drive than learn it but don’t just go on the roads causing a problem for all others. This is another reason for the distraction for many. A driver on the roads, who doesn’t know even the basic traffic rules, can distract many and can cause accidents of many. Best way to prevent this is drive smartly because there are many stupid people there also.


1.Online Distractions:

Online Distractions 10 Most Common things that lead to Distraction among People


This distraction is the top cause of distraction today. In this cyber world, when everyone wants to remain connected to others, it has also caused a lot of problems and difficulties for those and in those times when you don’t want to be connected. Suppose, you are driving and suddenly you get a message on your facebook account, you surely will be distracted and you know what can happen after that. Similarly, there are many other sources like gmail, yahoo, twitter, myspace, yahoo etc that has caused distraction for masses. People are actually addicted to it. Students today can’t study for 5 hours continuously but they can surf on net for 10 hours! Before starting any work, people check for any notification on their facebook page! A huge distraction and a source of time waste!

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