10 Dangerous Plants that can Kill you

Over the past many centuries men have kept renovating this world, they themselves construct things and they demolish them too. History is brimmed with examples of such destructions; the things which survive are the only ones who know how to protect themselves. The things which are strong enough to fight & survive too, the things which are fragile get abolished. God therefore put an auto protection mode in certain things, God put something lethal and deadly in them so that no human would be able to touch them, and for example there are some flowers or plants which are poisonous enough to kill a man if he eats it or even comes in physical contact with them

Humans are not the only living things God created, although  they are the most prominent ones but that in no way does mean that they are the only one. When God creates something, he sets a perfect goal in mind, his motives & ideas behind it are very much clear. When he created humans, he made them superior but not independent, he made them dependant on other living things so that we the humans do not become selfish, eager and omnivorous. God knows very well that if he did not signify the importance of other living beings, the humans are so brutal that they would actually end up killing all the other livings things. There he made them dependant on animals for their comfort and on plants for the most basic need, oxygen.

The most fundamental thing which we need for life is breathing, and for breathing we need oxygen. Most of the oxygen which we have in world comes from plant, for they inhale carbon dioxide and in return they exhale oxygen, in this way God has made us dependant on plants for our lives. Secondly he has put poison on some plants so that men would not try to harm them. There are many plants which have ravishing beauty in them, their appearance is very pleasant but they have very lethal effect on humans and take couple of hours to kill a man, so the top 10 dangerous plants that can actually kill you are:

10. White snake root:

white snakeroot 10 Dangerous Plants that can Kill you

White snakeroot or white sanicle is a very carcinogenic plant containing a toxin named tremetol. This chemical is very highly poisonous that even if you drink the milk or eat the flesh of the cow who has consummated this plant you can have some serious health trouble even death. It kills the human directly.

9. European yew:

european yew 10 Dangerous Plants that can Kill you

This plant is native to Europe but is found in Africa & Asia too. It only requires a dose of 50g of this plant to kill a person. This plant contains a chemical called taxanes which can cause convulsion, muscles tremors, and cardiac arrest. Death comes very quickly if immediate medical attention is not seeked.

8. Belladonna:

belledonna 10 Dangerous Plants that can Kill you

This plant is among the most poisonous plant of world because it contains tropical alkaloids which of course are very cannibalistic. Technically if the observe the plant then the whole belladonna is poisonous but the berries are the most deadly effect. Most people unaware of the poison which is inside the berries eat them because they are sweet therefore no one bothers to think of them as poisonous. 10-20 berries are enough to kill a man, but the leaves of this plant are more baneful therefore only a single leaf is enough to cost the life. Centuries ago this plant was once used as a cosmetic product.

7. Doll’s eye:

dolls eye 10 Dangerous Plants that can Kill you

Doll’s eye refer to the gloomy looking ball which has the appearance of an eye, the ball is 1 cm in diameter. It is white sphere which has black stigma on it which resembles the retina of the eye, is found on the edge of the plant. Although the poison is found in the entire plant, but is mainly concentrated in its fruits. The poison which is found in this plant has a very fatal effect on the cardiac muscles which causes quick death.

6. Rosary pea:

rosary pea 10 Dangerous Plants that can Kill you

Rosary pea also known as the deadly nightshade is a very lethal plant as one seed of this plant is more than enough to kill a man, the beads are the central place of the poison which are in black, red or white color. The compound found in this plant is Arbin which is similar to ricin but is 75 times superior in power. This plant is bestowed with so much poison that many people have encountered death just because they came in physical contact with the instrument which was used for the cropping for this plant. This plant is mostly found in Indonesia but dwells in all the parts of the world.

5. Oleander:

oleander 10 Dangerous Plants that can Kill you

Oleander is very poisonous because it contains not only one but several deadly chemicals such as glycosides, olleandrin and neriine; all these poisons are very lethal because all have a very nasty effect on heart. This plant often succeeds in tricking people because of the ravishing beauty it has, this plants is used in many places for decoration, and it has gained popularity as well as won the heart of the people in America. They are found in most of the parts of the world because they are very easy to grow and they grow very rapidly. Despite its being poisonous it is admired by people because it has a captivating fragrance and a very lovely appearance. After consuming this plant, if the medical aid is not provided within 24 hours or the condition does not get stable it becomes very hard for the victim to survive.

4. Water hemlock:

Water Hemlock 10 Dangerous Plants that can Kill you

This flower is native to the northern hemisphere, it is found in either white color or light green. This plant happens to be the most poisonous plant in North America. This plant is so poisonous that it can cause death within few hours by causing fluctuations in the respiratory system or ventricular fibrillation. This plant contains a plant named cicutoxin which can stimulate the nervous system and provide boast to kidney failure, tremors, seizures and even death.

3. Suicide Tree:

sucide plant 10 Dangerous Plants that can Kill you

The biological name of this plant is cerebra odollam, its species belong oleander, this plant contains a toxin called cerberin which is capable of disturbing the existence or distribution of calcium ion in heart muscles, it is quite fatal as we know that the heart is the master mind behind our body’s whole movement because this is where all the blood circulation is done. This plant has been named as suicide plant because it holds records for being used for suicides or sometimes for murder too. People mostly prefer it because its flavor is easy to disguise.

 2. Conium (hemlock):

conium hemlock 10 Dangerous Plants that can Kill you

the history of conium if dotted back to the time of ancient Greece where it was used for execution, this plant which is also known as hemlock if taken in a very small quantity which is 6-8 beams are enough to kill a man and the leaves of this plant which are even more vital, one leaves can cause the death of a person. The origin of this plant is from Europe, it contains alkaloid which happens to be a very poisonous chemical. When this compound enters the body it first cause paralysis in the legs and then manipulates with the respiratory muscles which becomes the cause of death. The most famous victim of this plate is the famous Greek philosopher Socrates whose death was also caused by a hemlock.

1. Castor plant:

castor plant 10 Dangerous Plants that can Kill you

Yes this is the very same plant from which the castor oil is derived and it holds the Guinness world record for the most poisonous plant. The beam of this plant is very deadly as it contains ricin, if 1-4 raw seeds if consummated by a person then it can definitely cause the death of a person, for dogs 11 seeds would do the job and for a duck at least 80 seeds. The victim after inhaling the beam suffers from a burning sensation, which then moves towards bloody diarrhea & vomiting, which leads the person to dehydration and then death. It can however be cured if the treatment is provided to the person on proper time.

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