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16 Cool Ways To Fool Somebody And Terribly Fail At It.

I know that when you fool somebody, you feel very good about yourself and have this tendency to disconsider those around you that you so easily tricked. There are some times, though, when preparing for the worst -that is, an average intelligence person rather than a monkey- might have served people better in carrying things out. Because, sincerely, these don’t fool anybody! 1. He just ...

16 Funny photos that show when you can be technically correct

  Do you know that moment when you, by mistake, say something like ‘I was literally pissed off by that’ and a friend comes to say that you shouldn’t use the term ‘literally’ like that? Well, maybe you should have focused less on getting pissed off at that friend and focus more on his advice, because here are some cases in which you would definitely not enjoy ...

10 Pics of Laziness at its Highest Levels

No matter what you might think, we are all lazy at times but these guys really do take the biscuit. Whilst some of this ten could be construed as genius, that does not make them any the less lazy. Let us know what you think, whether you are guilty of doing the same thing or have some even better examples of laziness in its purest form. 10. Too Lazy to Hold a Beer Image Source: You ...

10 Children’s Shows That Contained Hidden Sexual Jokes

When we were growing up as kids watching the many cartoons and animated series’ that were designed for our viewing, little did we know that sometimes the writers would put something in that only our adults would understand. This has been going on for years and there are many examples of it but this list surely has to have the ten funniest/worst/deplorable ones.     10. ‘Hey ...

10 Celebs Caught Gold Digging For Boogers

We have all been there, when there is something that just has to be removed from our nasal but it just does not want to go! Luckily for most of us, we do not have cameras on us for most of the day and can pick the opportune moment to erm…pick. Unfortunately for the celebrities all over the world, they are not quite so lucky, so it is no real surprise that many of them have been caught ...

10 Celebs Caught Checking Out The Opposite Sex

We all do it from time to time and we would simply not be men if we didn’t as checking out women is part and parcel of being male. Heck, even the women do it too, though they are far less obvious. The problem is, that if you are a well known celebrity that is often being photographed, there is a far greater risk of you being caught just as these ten celebs have found out. 10. Usher Checking ...

9 Futuristic Images About The Climate Change That Some Might Find Scary

The universe has a lot in stored for us. We rarely look at our future and smile, thinking about the great things we can accomplish, because we know there are a lot of limitations that holds us back. It saddens me to know that our leaders do nothing to make us prosper, and they are vainly guided by greed into a world without hope. People often contemplate about a better future and they do not ...

Top 10 Countries With The Fastest Internet On Earth

07 - Latvia
We love the internet. I can’t imagine a world without it anymore. You have to have internet to see your favorite shows, to plan your next vacation, to keep an eye on traffic, on the weather… etc. In one word the internet is just overwhelming. But while some wonder about the next Game of Thrones episode leak, others want to download them as fast as they can. Sure in some countries you want ...

10 of the Worlds Stupidest Criminals

It would be fair to suggest that criminals in general are4 not really all that intelligent, if they were they would surely have good jobs and would not have a need to try and get money through other methods. Some do at least have a little bit of common sense but the ten on this list do not even have that. 10. The Bearded Women

10 Celebrity Purchases You Just Won’t Believe

All of us are guilty of spending a little bit too much money sometimes but as you know, when you really want something, you are going to get it. That seems to be the case for most of the celebrities that are included on this list, though their purchases are well above what the majority of us could afford let alone imagine blowing so much money on. 10. Rapper Hires Professional Blunt Roller Image ...
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